An Open Letter to Sony Global; Listen Up Or Lose It All


Let me start by introducing myself; I have been a loyal viewer of your movies and buyer of your products for decades. I am the kind of person, as are most of my followers, that you should be paying attention to.

First, let me start with the easy low hanging fruit. If you have anyone in your employ that uses Company products that go against your public stance on non-discrimination and positively using diversity to make not only a better workplace but also a better product; you need to let go your top executives whom have made a mockery of your position. Worse than dismissing your corporate pledge, these people mocked the president of the United States with racial and bigoted emails. This cannot continue. These individuals must be let go.

On to other issues. I believe you made the exact wrong decision on not releasing the movie ‘The Interview.’ How can you let a thug nation intimidate the most powerful Country on earth with some veiled references to 9/11. If you have to look back to George W. Bush for an example, look back to his saying, days after the attacks, let your lives get back to normal. Fly on airplanes, don’t be afraid.

Sony, your decision will make people more afraid than they need to be. Your decision has elevated North Korea into a position of changing U.S. behavior: through fear. Your decision has given the green light to al Qaeda, ISIL and any terrorist group to give an off the cuff threat and change our behavior. Sony, you aren’t seen as being a hero and saving American lives. Your decision seems more like an attempt to save your bottom line.

Americans are for Capitalism but detest grandstanding and showboating about safety while behind the scenes you are really concerned about profit.

What to do now after all of these screw ups?

My advice?

Start today, right now. No putting this off or ‘waiting to see what happens.’ Today come out with a  press release saying that in fact The Interview will be shown to the American audience. Take a new bold approach. Offer the movie for sale via streaming or DVD. On Christmas Day anyone interested should be able to purchase or stream The Interview into their homes to watch it. Charge people $12.99 or $9.99 to purchase this film. You will see an outpouring of American support.

Americans will not be intimidated. I don’t have much of an interest to see this movie but I would purchase it. By releasing it directly to all households you could see the biggest profit you have ever seen. Far surpassing what the box office would have produced.

Taking my advice would show a number of things. Starting with showing America will not be intimidated by a rogue nation. It will also show America’s strength and support by all that purchase the movie. Sony, you have screwed this situation up on so many levels. Now is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show the world what you and the American people are capable of.

I, for one, am sick of the cowardliness of for profit companies. If you want to stay in business and keep the profits rolling in contact me for more details. Otherwise, continue to hide and lose the respect of the world.

Arrogance, Desperate, Law Breaking Animal: Cosby

r-BEVERLY-JOHNSON-VOGUE-COVER-largeI don’t know why more people aren’t outraged by what we have seen come forward about Bill Cosby, but I think I have a very good idea. It’s not about the sick drugging and raping of innocent women it has turned into a ‘don’t go there’ because it’s a race-related situation.

This is a disgusting and sinful evaluation of what has happened and what has been reported. Are we supposed to believe that over two dozen women have come forward with almost the exact same story that they are all making it up?

And, to what end? They have no financial motive; they have no motive of turning into a star. They are finally speaking out on the horrors that happened to them by a sick mad man who took advantage of his place on the world stage and drugged women and sexually molested them without any fear of being caught.

It sickens me to hear Bill Cosby say things like the Black Media should remain neutral; i.e. they should not report what multitudes of women have come out and said. The Black Media should ignore this because of Mr. Cosby’s standing and his bringing Black families into our living rooms?

Let’s backtrack for a minute. I was never a fan of the Cosby Show, never a fan of Bill Cosby himself but I truly admired what he had done. With his Cosby Show he showed the Country, and the world, that African American families are exactly like non African American families. They have the same issues to deal with and the same obstacles. He also showed us all that a Black family can have a doctor for a Father and a lawyer for a Mother. I know everyone is saying that they were a middle class family. No, they weren’t. A Dr and a Lawyer can provide a very nice life for their kids, much more so than the McDonald’s workers.

His show was great and entertaining when I watched it. Like I said, he was no hero of mine, but I had a lot of respect for his showing everyone that blacks are no different than whites. Families have the same struggles and in that he did a brilliant job.

But, I am getting off point. Bill Cosby was never Cliff Huxtable. Bill Cosby was a sick man who got pleasure not only from multiple female sex partners but also from drugging them and having sex with them while they were not coherent, awake or participating.

Why do I say this when Mr. Cosby has never had charges filed against him and everything thus far that has been said is ‘hearsay’? I’ll tell you why; when over 24 women speak out about their encounters with Mr. Cosby and all have almost the exact same story to tell it makes one stop and wonder. When all of these women have no form of financial gain, no claim to celebrity but continue to speak out it makes one stop in their boot tracks and take notice.

When the first few alleged victims spoke out I didn’t pay much attention to it. When the number got over 18 I started paying attention. Eighteen women don’t come forward with the exact same story for no reason.

You also have to take yourself back to what life what like in the 60s, 70s and even 1980s. Date rape was a concept that was cemented in the 1980s. Around that time and before many rapes were considered something women brought on themselves. They were wearing clothing that enticed men; they were teasing men; they weren’t to be taken seriously.

With that kind of backdrop why would anyone think that a woman would accuse one of the most powerful men in Hollywood? Back then, women weren’t believed and men were given the benefit of the doubt. Prominent men like Bill Cosby would never be taken seriously as a serial rapist. Taking the time in history in account with this case is so crucial. I am so hoping that all of the women coming forward today about being molested by Bill Cosby helps a new generation of women, and men, to come forward if/when they have been sexually assaulted. I hope this is a learning experience for the world.

To me, the fact that rape has a statute of limitations is unacceptable. Like murder, rape should never have a statute of limitations. The fact that Mr. Cosby cannot be prosecuted and sent to jail for the rest of his life for almost all of the sadistic rapes and violations he has committed is a moral sin. Women back then, and today, are not likely to report sexual abuse. When you add in the factor of a major Hollywood personality it makes total sense why these women didn’t come forward until they felt it was safe for them.

I have heard  some in the media defending Cosby saying that there is a culture of crucifying black men like Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Cosby. That is preposterous. Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods had consensual adulterous relations with other women. You can judge that morality on what happened.

Bill Cosby did not have consensual sexual relations with women. He had dozens (as far as we know, probably many more) of relations with women that involved drugging them, raping them and intimidating them not to talk.

Let’s not make a race issue where there isn’t one. Mr. Cosby is a sick, depraved, sadistic rapist. He should be held accountable for his crimes and be in jail for the rest of his life.

Real racial injustice is coming out and playing itself out in real circumstances across the U.S. That’s where we should focus our attention for the future.

What To Do About The Broken Democracy In The U.S. ** Steps To Take

IMG_1308First I would like to thank everyone that read yesterdays post and who responded via this site or directly to me. I would like to thank Scot who had many good ideas about changing the Constitution for fairer voting rights. I am not a Constitutional lawyer, but many of his ideas I agree with. Please check them out at

I do have many ideas on how to remake the American Democracy and reclaim our rightful place in the world as the ideal Nation. In order to do this we all must want to. From the rightest of right to the leftist of left we all must want the same goal: to make The United States of America the best place on earth.

No more partisanship thinking the Left is the only way to go or the Right has it all correct.

What ever happened to the Ronald Reagan slogan ‘if we agree on 80% we are on the right page?’ We have completely forgotten about that adage and have turned to total domination politically. This must stop and must end now. We need to think Countrywide not Party-wide. That is our best chance of having the U.S.A. being the leader of the world.

So many changes are needed. Let’s start with money in politics. It must be removed permanently. Yes, Citizens United must be over turned. All money has to be out of politics. The jobs of POTUS, Senator or House Representative must not only be for the rich. Those jobs must be for the most qualified.

Removing money will also remove the quid pro quo that is abundant in Washington. If you aren’t subservient to your sponsors you can do the work of the people. Not the work of ‘big money’ interests.

There is so much more I would want to change. The order of the Primary States. As I have said many times, why should Iowa or New Hampshire have more of a say in electing Presidents than New York, Nevada or California? There is no acceptable reason for this to continue. The order of the primary states should be released one year before the election and be done by an arbitrary method. No more should potential candidates go to Iowa 4 or 8 years before an election to win Iowa. Candidates need to think Nationally and not know where the first primary will be. What if it’s in Washington State, Massachusetts, Atlanta? Prepare your messages for all of the US.

The next thing I would change, and it sounds like from what I have read it will be changed quite soon, is the Electoral College. This is no longer representative of our Country. Candidates must appeal to every and all states. This needs to go so the we have better representation of our President.

I’d also change the make up of the Senate. Two Senators per state might have been feasible in 1776, but today when some states are quadruple the size of other states our government should recognize that. The number of Senators per state should be by capita, not by state. This would be a much fairer representation of our Country’s beliefs.

As I mentioned earlier from a New York Times Op-Ed I would change all election cycles to 4 years. House members should have a 4 year term and Senators should have either a 4 or 8 years term. This way all elections, President; Senate and House; are held the same day. No more midterms where 72% of the population doesn’t show up. Better voting.

The main thrust of all of these changes lies in the candidates themselves and the voters. We do not need polarizing figures like Paul, Cruz and the rest. We need elected officials who will work together for a better Country. If that’s not your goal; don’t run.

What I have outlined above is a starting point. Implementing these ideas would be a great start. We need more and should have others weighing in on how to improve our Country.

Now is the time for us all to act for a better U.S.

The United States Political System Is So Broken It Might Never Be Fixable

IMG_1327I really like politics. I like hearing different ideas of how to make our Country a better place to live in. I like hearing how both the left and right want to pave a path to a better future for our fellow Americans.

This is about the exact opposite of what is going on in this Country of ours. ‘Politics’ has changed from a way to make the citizens lives better to the other meaning of ‘politics’ which is how to out maneuver your opponents. How to make yourself and your party look better with absolutely no regard for the ramifications those actions have on every day working people.

This observation and analysis is directed at everyone in todays’ political world. DEMS have used many of the same tactics that the GOP has to stop their nemesis’s. But, in the history of The United States of America there has never been such negligent behavior from the party not in power to simply ruin the party, and the parties President as we have witnessed for the past six years.  Never have we seen an opposing party, the GOP, have a scorched earth policy to demean and discredit the President; while at the same time making life for hard working or unemployed people even more difficult.

The goal of the GOP has been to make President Obama a failure. The GOP has blocked unlimited numbers of job creation bills which has led to the extremely weak economy we have now. The GOP motivation? Lynch President Obama. The 10s of millions of unemployed and even more underemployed were of no interest to the GOP.

Now, I am completely aware that the DEMS when not in power were no angles. But the Democratic party seems to always have the best interest of the Country as a whole as their baseline. Who passed TARP, the bill that kind of avoided another Great Depression? The DEMS working together with a GOP President for the good of the Country.

It sickens me to see the fringe rightwing conservative nut jobs saying anything they can to gain attention. They aren’t saying, ‘how can we make the Country better for all’ no, they are saying how can we never compromise and have no interest in other peoples’ suffering. To me, this is sickening.

People are not on welfare or food stamps because life is a dream when living well below the poverty level. Yes, some people do abuse the system. But, for the most part, the vast majority want to be able to find a job where they can support their families.

How can this all change? Is it too late? I honestly don’t know. In my lifetime it seems every year things get worse for people in need. People who want to contribute to society, want to do it on their own. This is very difficult when you have a GOP party that blocks all help for people that are in need. And, don’t forget what I am saying, these people are in need of a chance to make it on their own. To have an income where they can live the ‘American Dream.’ The GOP needs to understand these people can’t find jobs; there are no jobs. No one wants to live on government assistance.

Can this all be changed? Can we as a Country put out to help out those in need so they can be contributing members of society – members that pay their taxes, don’t have to have government assistance and their earnings will help reduce our long term debt. When you have one party that actively resists the efforts to help people when they are in need; and so short sighted not to know the longterm benefits of having those same people doing well, feeling good AND reducing longterm debt it is hard to see how things can get better.

Today, right now, I am disgusted with our political process. There is so much change needed. Hillary is criticized for her speaking fees; when her husband, Ronald Reagan and many others weren’t. This is not a sign of a Country that’s moving forward. It’s a sign of a Country with double standards for men and women. Not to mention the entire Ferguson debacle where the Country is focused on past race relations. But, never a way to move forward.

Today I am disgusted with my Country. I would love to be proven wrong and see things get better for all. I am waiting for that day.

Changes Needed for Voting to Help American Democracy Part II

election101-logo1A lot has happened since I wrote part one of this series. Most of what happened proved my points in spades from part one. As everyone knows, the voter turn out for the 2014 mid term elections was the lowest in 72 years.

I have seen so many so called high and mighty DEMS ridicule and chastise those that didn’t vote and saying they are getting what they deserve with a GOP majority in Congress. I have seen many of these so called armchair pundits say that those that didn’t vote are “whiny” and their opinions aren’t valid.

This is the most blatantly irresponsible and self righteous response that is making matters worse. To those of you that think the people who didn’t show up to vote are lazy, whiny and deserve what they get from elections are not only missing the point but are also ignorant and part of the basic problem in this Country.

Yes, voter turn out was abysmal, but if you just point fingers and say, well I voted you should have too. You are completely missing the point and creating an atmosphere that will doom the electorate.

An intelligent person asks the questions that need to be asked; without judgment. Why didn’t people vote? Why didn’t young people vote. Listen to what they say. Learn from what they say. Get off your alleged high moral ground and deal with reality the way it is and try to change it. Preaching to people turns them off, turns them away.

What we have heard and learned is that people didn’t vote because they see that neither party speaks to them. Neither party addresses their day to day issues and concerns. So, in their reality, why vote? Both parties will let you down in one major way or another so why come and vote.

This question is essential to the very fabric of our democracy. When people feel like their vote doesn’t matter you risk losing the core of how our Country was founded, how it prospered.

Why does a candidate like Barack Obama, who seemed like the perfect voice of the people bail out banks and large corporations but doesn’t help the actual people whose lives were destroyed in 2008 with the Housing and Financial Meltdown. If you can’t trust someone like him to be on your side, whom exactly would you trust?

Enough of the ‘Happy Talk’ the American people are suffering and suffering big time. We hear about the job growth, we hear about the GDP, we see the stock market at record highs. So, why are the American people, by a percentage of 91, so anxious about the economy. Our president tells us that is because the people haven’t felt the gains yet. That’s total bullshit. The American people are not stupid, they are practically screaming about how they feel unsure.

Why do they feel unsure after the longest job creation in the nations history? It would be nice if we heard the truth from our leaders, but we don’t. The reason no one feels better about the economy, the reason the economy and jobs have been top priority for the American people since 2008 is because of what kind of jobs are actually being created.

The jobs that are being created now are about equal with full and part time jobs. There are 72 million people forced into working part time jobs because there are no full time jobs to be found. Most of the full time jobs that are being created are in the hospitality and healthcare fields. Both extremely low paying. Why are people anxious? Why do they feel their vote doesn’t matter? Because the people are being force fed a load of crap. They know there are almost no good paying full time jobs out there. They are forced into working low paying jobs and or part time jobs. It’s not that the people haven’t felt the gains in the economy. It’s that they have had no gains.

One would hope the new GOP majority in Congress would come in and address this issue immediately and win over all of the anxious people about the employment situation. But, no. The GOP wants to start by repealing ACA. A complete waste of time since Obama will veto it. Again, adding to the peoples disillusionment of our government, Another example of the power elite not caring about the public in general.

You wonder why people don’t show up to vote? Wonder no more. DEMS and GOP have both failed the American public. So, many look at the situation and say what difference does it make. When 72% of the public doesn’t show up to vote this should sound extremely loud alarm signals.

But, unfortunately it doesn’t. So, the next time you want to feel good about yourself and pat yourself on the back for voting don’t. Think about the people who didn’t vote and understand why they didn’t. If you think they are whiny and don’t understand, it’s you that has it all wrong. And you are the problem.

The best voting reform is getting people to vote. In order to get people to vote they need to see that their vote means something. It’s up to us to not point fingers and partake in name calling, but to hold elected officials to their promises so people know it does matter if they vote.

Voting: Everything We Do Must Change Part 1

IMG_0287Going through the last election cycle really made me think. I came to the conclusion, that I have had for many years, that we do it all wrong in The United States of America. And I mean everything.

Let’s start with the push for voter turn out. The ground game. Getting the young people, who almost never vote, to vote. Getting more than 38% of the voting public to show up. To me, this is the wrong way to look at it.

Take life and facts the way they are, and change things to work with reality. When voters don’t come to the voting booths, bring the voting opportunity to them. All of the money, time and effort that is spent having the perfect ‘ground game’ to me is missing the point. Today we can pay our credit card bills or order in dinner on our phones. We must work out a way that people can securely vote on their own time of their own choosing.

I have long said I love the idea of everyone voting by mail. We all have legal addresses, ballots can be sent to those addresses and we could vote from our homes, at our leisure. Knowing that the ballot must be mailed back by a certain day. I would also insist that each ballot have an envelope with an address filled out and postage paid. Yes, postage paid.  I would also include a copy of how someone voted as a concrete form of proof of how you voted incase of any kind of recount.

Another idea is voting from your phone, computer or designated places (libraries) where you can go and vote for free. In this version people would be able to start voting 4 weeks before the election so anyone can go vote. They would have plenty of time. There is no discrimination towards people who don’t have internet access at home or smartphones. Surely, if the IRS can figure out a secure way to pay taxes online there must be a way to securely vote online.

The money, the effort for turnout needs to be refocused. Have people spend more time on creating better policy.

The goal is to get more people to vote. Imagine how things would look if we got 90% of the eligible voters to actually vote? Then we could have a government that represented the people. Our society has changed, people are used to doing things remotely. Voting remotely including by mail, needs to happen. Now


This second suggestion comes to me from the New York Times Op-Ed from a few days ago, please read the entire piece as I think it’s a brilliant idea:

The premise of this idea is to get rid of the mid term elections completely. Members of the House surely can’t concentrate too much on legislating when their next election is in only 2 years. They have to immediately start fundraising for the next cycle. The idea here is to make terms in the House go to 4 years, so they have more time to do the people’s business. And, also to change the Senate to either 4 or 8 year terms. Most people don’t vote in mid terms, so get rid of them and have everyone on the ballot at the same time. Presidents, House, Governors and Senators. I love this idea.


For presidential elections the primary system must change. If you have read my blog in the past you will know I have mentioned this before. Why should people in Iowa or New Hampshire have more say than anyone else in the country? But they have and continue to have enormous sway. To me that is insane. The order in which states having primaries must change every election cycle. I would announce that order probably one year before the election.

Doing this will accomplish 2 very important things. First, it will give each and every state their turn at vetting candidates. Like I have said, do people in NH speak for the country? NO.  Maybe Arizona will be the first primary state, maybe New York. We can not continue having Iowa and NH having more sway. Secondly, if the potential candidates don’t know which state will have the first primary they would no longer be able to go to Iowa 4 years before an election to get on their good side. Candidates would be forced to speak to the entire nation. No more laying out your ground work four years in advance.

If you implement what I have so far outlined you would see a huge boost in people voting. This would give us a much better representation of what the American public wants. Again, when they don’t go to the voting booths bring the voting to them. Let’s try for 90% voting. Also, add in losing the candidates knowing what order the primary states will be in will make them much better vetted by the entire country. These are the first 2 steps I would start with to have better elections.

I do love the idea proposed by NYT, I would love to see that implemented and I believe those ideas complement mine perfectly.

As always, please offer feedback or ideas. And, in the future look forward to more of my ideas.