Twenty Fourteen Is So Unusual Yet So Familiar ** We Can Change It

IMG_2175Look around the world. Crisis with ISIL in Iraq and Syria. Lebanon in a state of collapse. The United States torn by the latest race crisis and a vicious attacking of a president in his second term.  And, of course, the never ending Israel Palestine peace agreements.

Now, I didn’t really pay much attention to politics until it was thrust in my face on September 11, 2001 when 2 iconic towers that were 3 blocks from my home were demolished and I wasn’t able to return to my home for weeks. Then I started to pay attention. Yes I knew for the bombing in 1993 but killing 6 people was not the goal of the terrorists. It didn’t invoke fear in us New Yorkers or the country in general. 

Flash back to the mid to late 1980s. I was in college and paid little attention to politics. But, what I did hear was, “Reagan taking too many vacation days, Reagan out of touch with every day people.” Flash forward to 1998 with Bill Clinton. He was the victim of a vicious right wing mob mentality. Did he have sex outside of marriage? Yes. Was he not upfront about it. No, he wasn’t. To have the GOP impeach him over this was much more than nonsense and posturing. This was the exact time the Clinton administration was starting to go after bin Laden. Was their attention diverted because of the impeachment? How could it not have been?

Flash forward to 2006 – 2008. Everything Bush did was wrong. He was criticized about being out of touch, his approval ratings were dismal. He was accused of taking too many vacation days.

Flash forward to today. President Obama is being accused of all of the above. And more. If you think Obama walks on water and can do no wrong; stop reading my blog and tweets and get some help. There is no one on the face of this earth who does no wrong and doesn’t second guess themselves. So, Obama is being treated to the same treatment most of the 2 term presidents have been treated to. Don’t take it personally. Get over it.

More importantly is what happens next. ISIL is a serious threat, can Obama get a global coalition together to defeat, dismantle and destroy it? Let’s hope so. Not because we are DEMS or GOP, but because we all should want what’s best for the world. The race issue in the United States, I am not sure how that will be solved. I think the media does a horrific job of making things worse, just to get ratings. We don’t know what happened that day so we aren’t in a position to make a decision. Once we know swift action should be take; with facts in hand.

What can you and I do to make our current and future prospects in the United States better? It comes down to listening with an open mind. Don’t ever be like a Fox viewer who listens to nonsense all day. Hear. Listen. Learn.

When we know the facts we use our greatest power to vote.  


No Lectures from Iran, None from Russia *** President Obama is NOT Responsible for Ferguson

IMG_0047It sickens me to see the Russian, French and Iranian media condemning the United States of America as being no better than a terrorist country because of the upheaval and demonstrations in Ferguson. No, we are nothing like you. Your trying to tie us into your corrupt political cultures won’t work.

To see president Obama personally blamed for what’s going on in Ferguson is appalling. First off, Mr. Obama is the president of the entire Country, not just Ferguson. Secondly there have been no thorough investigations completed to know exactly what happened and is still happening. 

If citizens of the United States of America do things wrong they are investigated and put to trial. Unlike Russia and Iran or Hamas where people who do things wrong are put to death. Our Country prides itself on living by the letter of the law. Doing that takes some time. We can’t have conclusive results in days. It takes longer than that to find what the problem is/was and how to fix it and punish those that did wrong.

Blaming president Obama is a cheap shot that has no merit. How would he have been able to stop what is going on, or even prevented it? No one could have. If we do have deep seated race relations problems we will as a Country sort them out and change them. That’s what makes us different than other nations. We will continue to fight until the problems are addressed and eventually solved. Other states will just jail or kill people that don’t agree with the ruling party.

This is also an excellent teaching moment for us in America. It’s time to stop the rampant partisanship and hatred of those that don’t believe 100% as we do. It’s time to come together as a Country and look at what we have in common rather than what we are opposed to. So many polls have been released that show major majorities of Americans feel the same way about Immigration, Abortion, Gay Marriage. Let’s take that and run with it. Let’s stop the political divide in this Country and move ahead for everyones benefit. 

Whomever you are, whatever your political affiliation, it’s time to come together. We, as Americans, don’t need to hear propaganda from these kinds of people. We need to act together as a nation and show the world how it’s done. Now is the time to stand behind our president to get things done. If you disagree with him, that’s fine. Let him know. 

As Americans we should never be in this situation again. Where we hear lectures from Iran and Russia. No. Not happening. 

Stop Blindly Listening And Take The Challenge

IMG_1993Today’s world seems like it’s total chaos. From ISIS in Iraq, hundreds of thousands slaughtered in Syria, to Ukraine, Russia, jets commercial passenger planes being shot out of the sky. To, right here in the U.S. The bitter divide here is probably at one of the worst times in American history. I challenge you all to drop all preconceived notions, party affiliations, and think on your own how to make things better.

Let’s start with right here in the United States, such strong animosity here from one side of the isle to the other. Each side blaming the other for everything in our Country and the world for what’s going on. This is not only not helpful but it is making the situations worse. We need to all come together with ideas to make things better. First here, then for the world. Our entire news media, print, TV and digital is owned by 6 conglomerates, that don’t have educating the public at the top of their agenda.

Because of this situation, no one here really knows what’s going on anywhere in the world. More shamefully, we don’t even know what’s going on here in our own Country. I have been on twitter for a long time and have many followers who freely share their opinions. Those opinions seems to always fall directly down party lines. That’s tragic. No one seems to be thinking on their own.

Liberals think all of the ills of the world are because of the complete obstructionism of the GOP. The GOP seems to think all of the ills in the world are because of president Obama. This is no way for our Country to move forward, prosper and lead the world.

My guess is that 80% of all Americans want the same things: family, friends, a good job, and being able to live happily. All of our inner fighting is just a waste of time, money and effort. I saw today that Marco Rubio had a big speech about “traditional” marriage and how it’s the corner stone of our Country. First of all that’s laughable when the divorce rate is over 50%, secondly, he is not saying this to make things better. He is saying it to prime himself for a 2016 run. You need to ask yourself, is gay marriage one of the top priorities in your life? I am guessing no.

The economy is. Poll after poll, year after year shows Americans care most about the economy, jobs and their financial security. This has been barely addressed by Obama. He gave up too soon when he realized the GOP would block him. Consumer spending isn’t solid. This is not good because our economy will never grow when consumers aren’t spending. A full 70% of GDP comes from consumer spending. When it falters, our Country falters.

What’s going on around the world needs to be addressed. But, another challenge, drop your party affiliation, and try to think what would make America better. In times of crisis we need to stand together as a Country. We need to speak with one voice. If people don’t like what Mr. Obama is doing, or see no coherent strategy, they should voice their opinions AND suggestions to their elected representatives. Attacking president Obama isn’t helpful. Offering a better solution is.

So, I do challenge everyone to stop thinking of themselves as DEMS, GOP, Independents and start thinking of yourself as an American. How can we make America better? How can we stop a government that doesn’t represent our needs? How can we get rid of the corruption and financial influence in politics?

These are the issues we need to be coming together to solve.

So Much To Talk About And Weigh In On: Iraq, Economy, POTUS and More

IMG_1845Let’s start with president Obama. I have seen in the news media a piling on of negative criticism of everything he does. Now I am not one of those that thinks he walks on water and if you have read any of my blog you’ll see the many things I disagree with him on and think he has done wrong. But, I feel like it’s open season to bash him everywhere, for everything and that’s not right.

Maybe presidents shouldn’t have second terms. I feel like this is a complete replay of the end of George Bush’s second term. Everyone criticized everything Bush had done and it was a negative spiral that encompassed the entire 8 years. What pisses me off about Obama is he doesn’t know messaging. He makes no attempt to talk about his successes and lets the right call him weak and taking America down a notch. All of Syria’s chemical weapons have been removed and are being destroyed. I shouldn’t have to read that in the newspapers, Obama and his team should be out there talking up these things. No, success does not speak for itself. People follow a narrative given to them by a lazy media. George Bush, or Karl Rove, was brilliant in convincing the media and American people that war was needed in Iraq. He had his entire team out the with excellent messaging talking about why it was essential. We know the results of that. But, the point is Obama makes no attempt to talk up his victories. That is a grave mistake because people don’t pay attention and listen to the squeaky wheel: Dick Cheney.

Iraq is a complete disaster. Anyone who claims that it’s Obama’s fault doesn’t understand the situation. If he had left 10k troops in Iraq that would not have stopped what’s going on now. When we had close to 200k troops there we couldn’t contain the situation. Bush opened a Pandoras Box with toppling Saddam. I believe that was the catalyst for the Arab Spring, the uprising in Syria. Yes, you can clearly state that Mr. Obama has not explained a coherent foreign policy. I think all of the criticism of him from the right is what makes our Country look weak. We should be united in times of crisis.

In my view, the only way the U.S. could make an impact on Iraq and Afghanistan is to have 1 million military troops in each state  there for about 100 years. We can’t remake those states, they need to want to remake them themselves.

Turning to domestic issues, again Obama has failed in messaging. He should know the basics; people pay half attention to issues and believe what they hear the most. Has the Obama team been out there saying this problem with the immigrant children coming here is that president Obama is following a law president Bush put into place? No, he and his team are not informing people of the facts. It was the Bush law that made it impossible to return children immediately. Instead, Obama says, I won’t go there for a photo op. The American people can see this as complete arrogance and being out of touch. Once again Obama is letting the GOP try to frame the story. When, what’s needed for Obama is for him and his team to get out there and talk about why they are doing what they are doing.

And, in reality, what most Americans are focused on is jobs and unemployment. I keep seeing articles about why the public doesn’t feel better about the ‘improving’ economy. That’s because it’s not improving for tens of millions of people. The public’s #1 focus is their economic security. With approximately 40 million adults unemployed and millions more only being able to find part time jobs this is why the public isn’t feeling good. It’s why they aren’t spending money. The unemployed don’t have money to spend. The employed are too fearful of losing their jobs.

No one is focusing on job creation, job growth and good paying jobs. Raising the minimum wage isn’t going to solve this. We need jobs that pay much more than that.

Whether warranted or not, people hold POTUS responsible for everything, especially the economy.


Everything About The Way We Vote Must Change, Part 2

IMG_0274I can’t emphasize enough primaries and easier access to voting as I talked about in Part 1. Let a candidate come to New York for their first primary, see how well they fare. It bothers me a lot that inconsequential states like Iowa and New Hampshire can make or break a candidate. Who are they? Also to reemphasize about easier voting. This is a must. No more talk of voter suppression; all states should have voting by mail and/or voting online. We must stop making it difficult, or inconvenient for people to vote.

Electoral College This needs to end. Maybe it was feasible when our Country had 12 states, it’s not now. Winning the vote means you win the most votes. George Bush won the election when he was 500,000 votes behind Al Gore? That’s not right. I live in New York. New York is a Blue state so I could say I don’t even need to vote. Everyone needs to vote. And majority rules. I am sure there are other people in Red states who might vote DEM and their vote is overwhelmed by GOP votes. This needs to stop. One person one vote. This will make candidates talk to the populist and their issues rather than cow-tow to the loud voices of the right or left wing. They should be speaking for America, not fringe groups with agendas.

The Senate I don’t think it is right for the Senate of the U.S. to have 2 representatives per state. That is not democracy. Tiny states shouldn’t have the same voting rights as large states. We should have the number of Senators per state based on the population of the state. This would make the government run much smoother. No more letting the few who are pandering to a vast minority to obstruct our government to the point of complete paralysis as it has been for the last 5 years. What is happening today in the United States is an exact replay of the Great Depression. The last few years, as in the 1930s, you have a base of people who think austerity is the answer. If we look at history we will know that austerity is what caused the second recession and kept the U.S. in Depression for over a decade. Having more voices in the Senate can change that.

Other things to think about 

Term limits is something to consider. Although with what is going on today, the lunatic tea party is being somewhat curtailed by the old guard. So, term limits would get rid of the old and let the insane run the asylum. But, on the other hand, maybe they would be good. Letting new people come into govern and it might help the culture of corruption. I am undecided on this issue, let me know what you think.

You have to ask yourself at some point, why hasn’t president Obama, or Bush, changed the tax laws so corporations aren’t able to save tax dollars by keeping Trillions overseas? The American people would be behind that. The American people would be behind tax incentives for hiring right here in America. Why doesn’t that change?

It makes you wonder, who really is running this Country. Stay tuned for Part 3.