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Today I want to talk about the 2016 presidential elections. I already see great media bias against Hillary Clinton.

The news media is watching her every move and criticizing everything she does. It sickens me to hear ‘on her second try at the White House’ basically making out to be a loser who is trying again for an unattainable goal. Did we hear this about Mitt Romney in 2012? No. Did we hear about this with John McCain in 2008? No.

So much sexism is going on it shocks me that more people don’t notice it. “Hillary is a grandmother now, why would she want to run for president?” Again, do we ask this of Romney, McCain, Biden or anyone else? No, we hear it because she is a woman.

There is also so much ageism going on. Talking about how she would be the second oldest person to ever be sworn in as POTUS. It should be no surprise to anyone that women live longer than men and also that life expectancy is longer now than it was in 1980 when Reagan was sworn in.

I seriously think the negativity coming from the media could alter the outcome of the race. I think the medias love affair with then Senator Obama had a hand in his beating her. But, really, Obama did not beat Clinton in 2008. She got 18 million votes, he got 17 million. But with the way the primary math/maps worked Obama won. No, he didn’t steal it from her; that’s the way our broken election system works.

Now, I will declare, I am not sure Hillary is the best person for the job. I want to hear more. How she would get the economy to work for more people. How she could stop, or try to, the disgusting partisanship and paralysis of our government.

That said, I believe very strongly that everyone must vote for the Democratic nominee no matter who it is. The future of the Supreme Court is much too important to leave in the hands of the GOP. SCOTUS is one of the main reasons our political system has turned into pay for play. Seriously turning this country into an oligarchy. I think 4 of the justices will be over 80 and soon to retire in the next four years. A Democrat must, and I repeat, must be the one to replace them.

Back to Hillary. The last 2 presidents we have had have been young, inexperienced and impressionable. When you look at the GOP side with people like Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Walker; they don’t have the experience to be president.

Mrs Clinton, who knows most if not all of the worlds leaders personally,  has seen firsthand for 8 years how deals get done during her husband’s administration, has worked in a bipartisan way in the Senate and 4 years as Secretary of State makes her the most qualified person on earth to be POTUS. How nice would it be if someone was in the White House that knew what they were doing, had a vision for the future, and more importantly know how to make that vision a reality. It would almost be the way our Founding Fathers wanted the presidency to be like!

Why am I not totally sure about Hillary yet? I don’t want to re-live the 1990’s again. Back then I was young and didn’t pay much attention, but everything they did was criticized. Everything. Sometimes I wonder, maybe it’s not Obama’s race that irritates the GOP. Maybe they just are such crybabies that they can’t stand to see a Democrat as president. The torture they put the Clintons through was unprecedented. Accusing them of everything from fraud to murder. They were so desperate to bring Bill Clinton down at any cost. The famous impeachment of Mr. Clinton was unnecessary and actually very harmful to the country.

Yes, while President Clinton was being impeached about having an affair and not being honest about it, which I bet 75% of congress is guilty of the same, a little known group named al Qaeda was planning to attack us. Yes, I am saying that the ridiculous impeachment took everyones eyes off of the growing threat. Perhaps, if the GOP had more interest in ‘Country First’ Clinton could have taken out bin Laden before 9/11.

It’s time to stop all of the Hillary negativity. Wondering why she ate at Chipotle, criticizing her driving in a van instead of hoping on a normal flight like Rubio would. That all needs to stop. Now. Judge Hillary, as I will, on her message and vision. If you don’t like those that’s fair game, that you can question and drill down on. Not how much she earned for each speaking engagement. Did we ever criticize Reagan for his speaking fees?

I want to hear more, I want to know more about what Sec. Clinton has in mind. I don’t want to hear ridiculous bullshit about her eating at Chipotle to appease latinos.

Whatever will be, will be. But, we all must get out and Vote for the Democratic nominee, and all Democratic on the ballot.

** title words courtesy of George Michael

New Law Passed: Freedom To Discriminate Against Women, Gays, Blacks, Or Anyone You Want


Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, just signed a ‘religious freedom’ act that allows anyone in  Indiana to not do business with or work with anyone that might offend their ‘religious freedom.’ This is the exact same method that was used to discriminate against blacks, allow segregation and entitle bigoted people to not work with people they didn’t like.

The law has deep historical meaning. It was used for decades to keep black people out of restaurants, hotels and anywhere white people did not deem fit for black people to be. It was the reasoning behind the illegality of interracial marriage.

Today the law is being used to target the LGBT community. Bakers shouldn’t have to make a wedding cake for 2 gay men getting married. Florists shouldn’t have to work with 2 women getting married. To me, in this day and age with the horrible economy that has been with us since 2008 it seems implausible to me that any vendor would decline any business they can get.

But, the Indiana law that was signed today opens the door to a slippery slope that we might never recover from. As mentioned earlier, this exact law was used to segregate blacks from whites. Who is to say that that won’t happen in Indiana? The law freely allows ‘religious freedom’ for anyone in the state to not allow black people in their restaurant, to cater their weddings, to treat them like equals. It’s not just the gay community, it reaches to everyone.

‘Religious freedom’ can also clamp down on women; after all according to religious doctrine women are the property of their husbands. Period. That means there is no such thing as spousal abuse, rape and denies women of all rights.

Spreading the ‘religious freedom’ further who would be able to deny Muslims of their religious beliefs, no matter how radical? Killing your wife for disagreeing with you, fine. Stoning a rape victim for being a slut, fine.

Where does it end? Religion says no one can work on a Sunday. Is killing a neighbor who cuts his lawn on a Sunday ok? Maybe. ‘Religious freedom’ is a very very slippery slope. Are we going to go back to the days when black people were the equivalent of 3/5 of a white person?

The possibilities are endless. Killing adulterers? This law that was signed today by Mr. Pence opens the door for any kind of segregation, bigotry and pits one group against the other. This must be stopped.

Today you think it’s just gays that are able to be openly discriminated against by a bill like this. Stop being so naive, the road is paved for women, Jews, Catholics, Blacks. Anyone that could so-called be an infringement on ‘religious freedom’.

So many backwards thinking people want to take this Country back to how it was 100 years ago. We need to stop them. Today

What Would It Be Like If The U.S. Turned Out The Way The Founding Fathers Wanted


Everything in politics is such a mess, I can’t even imagine if this Country turned out how the ‘Founding Fathers’ wanted it to. When I say it’s a mess, I mean that most, if not all, of the entire government has been bought and paid for and has no interest in the good of the American people.

In the days of the Founding Fathers the behavior that goes on today would be called treason and people would be put to death for it.

Country first isn’t just an old campaign slogan of John McCain’s it is actually how this Country was intended to operate. At no point in the history of this Country was the intention for political gains and self interest to be encouraged, accepted or tolerated.

The goal was to have checks and balances and people in government being trusted to work for the American people. To help improve their lives, to make the U.S. the strongest Country on earth.

What we have seen lately is a complete disgrace to those Founding Fathers and to our entire Country. When you have one party, the GOP, outwardly trying to embarrass the President of the United States? When that same party won’t sign off on a child sex trafficking act until a non related anti abortion act is agreed to; and will let child sex trafficking continue until they get their way. Those are just a few examples of the complete breakdown of our government.

What we have now are politicians who only want to keep their jobs and keep collecting illegal money from corruption. We do not have a government for the people, run by the people. We have a government run by large corporations and their financial assistance. This goes all the way up to the President of the United States.

Yes, Barack Obama has sold out the American people. His latest tax proposal closes most loopholes except for his major donors. This is unacceptable. This is also made a necessity because of various Supreme Court rulings; allowing money to buy elections.

And, we look at Afghanistan and say they are corrupt. What a joke. Everyone knows, but no one fixes the extreme influence big money buys in Washington. Big Tobacco, Oil, Pharma, Farming, Sugar Industry. It’s endless. But, no one confronts it or wants to change it.

I don’t see one branch of government that is non corrupt and acting solely for the best interests of the American people. Not one. This is a disgrace. Where to go from here? I can honestly say I don’t know. Our system is so polluted with greed and self interest I am not sure how to change it.

I’d love it if a consulting firm could come in and evaluate the government, how it works, how honest it is, what kind of results are they getting for the American people. That’s a pipe dream.

The Founding Fathers of this Country would be horrified to see what is going on today. This was not the intention nor the goal.

Hillary Hillary Hillary You’re F#&cking It Up

white-house-expansion-1900-northI’ve been meaning to write about Hillary for the last six months or so. In my mind, she is doing the worst rollout I’ve seen in recent decades. And, every week it seems to get worse.

Hillary, as a president I think you would be fantastic. Everyone runs from the word ‘experience’ but you have it and could do great things with this Country. No learning curves needed. You’ve seen first hand how deal get made, you have been a Senator. While Secretary of State you met and know the world leaders. What could be better.

Especially after the last two presidents we have had, young, inexperienced who relied too much on their ‘inner circle’ to give them guidance. And, what poor guidance they received. President Bush, who ran on tax cuts, knew that once he was in office there was no more surplus. Their was no money to give back to the people. The dot-com bubble bursting was far more severe than most realize. It not only wiped away and alleged surplus it also eliminated every financial gain from that era. Only now, 15 years later, is the Nasdaq back where it was in 2000.

The Iraq invasion, complete inept strategies for the war speak for themselves. We would not be in this place today without the very misguided invasion of Iraq.

With President Obama his lack of experience comes out in different ways. His not schmoozing with the GOP, the Dems or other world leaders, in the end made his job much more difficult. Anyone who develops strong longterm relationships with allies knows it takes work. Mr. Obama didn’t feel the need to put in that work.

Above and beyond the complete GOP mandate to decimate Obama, his mistakes have made it worse. He feels no reason to explain to the U.S. or the world what his motives are; what his goal is. He doesn’t feel the need to explain exactly what’s in ACA. Most people attribute this to an arrogant man who thinks his decisions are best and speak for themselves.

That’s not the way politics works.

That brings me back to you, Mrs. Clinton. You could be the one to start on day one, tap your knowledge, experience, and persistence day one to start getting the U.S. government out of this mess. But, what are you doing?

You are waiting around like a queen who is ready to be coronated as POTUS. You are going on a book tour that not only makes you seem rusty but also makes you seem like you aren’t connecting to todays’ world. You must know that people listen only to 1/3 or so of a story. When allegations were made about donations to the Clinton Global Initiative from global leaders you should know no one is going to read the fine print. People are going to think something shady is going on.

The email scandal? Again, people don’t do research, they don’t read every word of an article. They don’t know what is different that you did than what Sec Colin Powell did. They just see you hiding things.

When I was working at a global media conglomerate I used two devices. And, you know what? I survived.

Your press conference yesterday was very disappointing to me, someone who could have been a huge fan/voter. Your saying it was more ‘convenient’ sounded like BS.

I was in my 20s and paid almost no attention to your husband’s administration. But everything you are doing now instantly conjures up all of those old scandals. Even half paying attention, White Water, and all of the other scandals seem to be replaying themselves right now. Today. The uncertainty.

My advice to you

  • Send all the servers to a third party. Computer literate people can un-delete anything
  • Sart ‘working for’ the nominations. American hate people who think they deserve a coronation
  • Stop making me, and everyone else, think of the days you and Bill polled people to see where was the best place to vacation

Everyone right now might be thinking the GOP and their asinine tactics will surely loose them the White House in 2016.

Think again. The GOP will try to claim the last 8 years was due to Obama and that it’s time for a Republican in the White House. Yes it can happen.

Hillary, stop fucking up and put out your A game!