A Job For Mitt Romney ** Should America Have A Monarchy **

Boca area in BA, Very colorfulIt occurred to me the other day seeing Mitt Romney on a few TV shows that I have the perfect thing for him to do. Since he wants to remain in the public eye and not retire he should emulate Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. He should remove himself from politics and put his ‘celebrity’ to good use.  He was obviously a successful business man, he showed that he can handle things on a grand scale like the Olympics. He should start a charitable Foundation in something that interests him and could help people out. The Clinton Global Initiative and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have both done tremendous good. Mr. Romney has the leadership skills to accomplish something similar. Having him go on Sunday talk shows with partisan opinions is such a waste. He didn’t make it in politics; here would be a chance to really bring people together and help others. Mitt, I hope you are reading this. Pick a charity (homelessness, poverty, unemployment, infrastructure) bring business and thought leaders together and make things better. Imagine if The Romney Foundation raised enough money to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure in this Country; or if it helped schools teach kids the kind of things they will need to know so they can get good jobs. I think he is the perfect person to take on a mission like this; and everyone would benefit from it.


I was reading in the paper the other day about how Queen Elizabeth II wants public money to pay her heating bills. The Royals have always kind of interested me in that people take them so seriously. When Charles and Diana got divorced she lost her HRH title, Her Royal Highness. People take these titles so seriously, I remember the outrage at the time. The Queen gave either her sister or daughter, the most highly respected title. That was adding the word “The” in front of Princess. All that stuff is funny to me.

The article was actually pretty interesting. She doesn’t own one of the palaces she lives in, the public does. Same with the Crown Jewels, they are hers to wear but she could never sell them. Some of the Castles and land she does own, I wish the article had been more specific.

The British people love the Monarchy, something like 87% of the people are in favor of keeping it. That made me think about the U.S. How nice would it be if we had a head of state that 87% of the people liked. In this day and age with all of the bitter partisan fighting, the posing and posturing of our elected officials. What’s happened is that our government is paralyzed. Nothing gets done. It’s beyond dysfunctional.

I know we left England and started this Country to get away from the Monarchy but what a nice thought. Americans agreeing on something.

Barack Obama And Job Creation

IMG_1336Let me say it simply, I dont like people who dont have open minds. In my opinion Barack Obama gets a failing grade on job creation and boosting the economy. I have tweeted this message and gotten so much flak from liberals and progressives; people accusing me of  being part of the tea party, a plutocrat, and not understanding how government works. Also, as if calling out the president is some sort of treason to the #p2 or whatever it is cause. I do think I am bringing up the right issues when people call me both a socialist liberal and a member of the GOP here to just criticize the president. Like I have written before, if you piss off both sides I think I am doing something right.

Yesterday while watching CNN Candy Crowley asked the question no one in the media ever asks: is Obama neglecting the economy and job creation by spending time on other (important) issues? She went on to say that Obama was heavily criticized in his first term for spending so much time on a healthcare bill, and not on job creation. This is the question I have been waiting for someone to ask; this is the question the media and other politicians completely ignore: What is the President of the United States doing about job creation and the tens of millions who are unemployed. The answer I sorry to say is absolutely nothing. To me that is unacceptable and could ruin his legacy. As everyone knows its congress that passes legislation, its the GOP in congress that blocked everything Obama tried to do for job creation and another stimulus. People who defend the president will say he has been blocked so what is he to do? Giving up is not the answer; ignoring the problem is not the answer.  The answer is keep fighting, use your bully pulpit to force congress into adding major stimulus to create jobs. Instead, the last jobs bill presented by Barack Obama to the congress was in September of 2011. Nothing since. That is unacceptable. There has not been a drop in the number of unemployed people in over 2 years; the current job creation is just enough to keep up with population growth. It isnt making a dent in the number of unemployed people.

Instead of saying the typical “the economy is recovering, just not fast enough” bullshit line; the president should be leading an effort to get the unemployed and longterm unemployed back to work. If he leaves office with the same number of unemployed people as when he came in history will look back at his presidency as a failure, as living through a second Great Depression with a president who did nothing about it. What can he do? He can talk about job creation every day, he can use his power and authority to set an agenda where job creation is the top priority of his administration; instead of just lip service. Where as gun control and immigration are important issues, having over 10 million people unemployed and 25 million under employed is a ticking time bomb that should have top priority.

It amazes me how people cant look at this unemployment situation and not see how dangerous it is and what a crisis it is. Democrats who are so behind Barack Obama cant see any of his short comings, and take anyone who calls them out to be a traitor. The world isnt black and white so people need to see things as they are. Or keep their minds open. Not always just point fingers at the GOP for obstructionism. What did Obama do with the debt ceiling? He said he would not negotiate. He does have the ability to stand up to the GOP and he should be using that ability now. Would Mitt Romney have been better? Of course not, he would have been much worse. That isnt an excuse though. Neither are other accomplishments that Obama has had. Yes, he has created millions of jobs, yes his stimulus saved us from a much more severe downturn; yes he has been excellent for minorities and civil rights for gays; yes he is the first president to talk about Climate Change being real. There many accomplishments Mr. Obama has had that have been fantastic for moving our country in a better way forward.

None of this excuses his lack of getting unemployed people back to work. He can do it, and he needs to.

When You Piss Off the Left and the Right I Must be Doing Something Right!

IMG_0489Over the last several months I have really grown to love twitter. Its fun, I’ve met a lot of nice people; lots of people have had such positive feedback about my tweets and my blog its really been a nice experience. I have noticed something interesting over the last few months; some of my tweets are attacked from the right; others are attacked from the left. The other day someone said to me to get out of my GOP bubble. If you have ever read any of pieces on this blog you will know how ludicrous that is to say to me. I like to think of myself as open minded on most subjects, I like to hear all sides of an issue or argument then make up my mind. I have no problem calling out DEMS or the GOP if I feel they arent doing enough or if I dont like what they are doing. I have never liked the idea that belonging to one political party meant you had to agree with everything that party did. Does saying Obama was a complete disappointment make me unable to be a DEM. Does saying the tea party and GOP that obstructed Obama at every turn should be tried for criminal acts and possibly treason does that make me a DEM?

I think what is going on in Washington right now is disgraceful, we as a country should be embarrassed with how our elected officials are acting and how little they are getting done. The fiscal cliff has been known for 18 months or longer; why didnt President Obama show some leadership earlier rather than get us in an unnecessary down to the wire outcome. This is so reminiscent of the debt ceiling fiasco its frightening. When our credit rating was lowered the main reason was because the United States was seen as not being able to govern itself. And yet here we are again doing the same thing. Both sides are to blame and both sides disgust me at this moment. We have a world in turmoil, the Middle East is on the verge of collapse; we have a jobs and longterm unemployment crisis that is being ignored for the daily theatrics of the fiscal cliff. Anyone taking a clear look at whats going on would realize what we are arguing about is pretty pointless. Obama wanting to raise the taxes on the top 2% is a start, but by no means will it solve any major debt problem. One of the main drivers of our long term debt is the Bush tax cuts; eventually they will all have to go. The GOP not wanting to raise rates is just absurd. Of course rates have to go up; and the higher your salary or take home pay the higher the tax bracket you will fall into. Thats a must.

President Obama has been, and continues to be a very weak leader. He might be extremely bright and have decent policies but he doesnt know or is unable to articulate them to the country. Thats an essential talent for a politician. He is not showing leadership now, all he is basically doing is saying I won the election and have a mandate to raise taxes on the top 2%. Like I said earlier that wont do much good anyway and also the election was much closer than it appeared. Obama beat Romney by a slight edge in lots of different locations. What seems like an electoral college landslide was much closer. Obama also gets a failing grade for not having developed working relationships with the GOP and even DEMS. As I said earlier the behavior of the GOP should have them behind bars. That doesnt let Obama off the hook for not reaching out more.  I am quite pleased Obama won, Romney would have been a disaster in my opinion. But Obama is failing to get the economy moving and hasn’t done one thing for the unemployed since September of 2011. That is unacceptable.

Life is complicated, its not black and white; it comes in many shades of gray. I wish other people could see the good and the bad in things and not just have a partisan view. That will get us right where we are; gridlock. Its time to see everything thats going on so we can make our lives better.

Consumers Politics Companies Don’t Mix

IMG_1250This campaign season is the first I remember where companies actually said who they were backing, supporting and donating to. Many also made loud proclamations against our existing healthcare law, the ACA. I know this new information has something to do with the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court; which I totally disapprove of. Thats another story. Right now I am focused on company’s who have said outright that they want to deny their workers healthcare, will raise prices if they have to institute ‘ObamaCare’, and other companies that made it public that they were giving large donations to one side or the other. The first thing that comes to mind is AT&T giving a large donation to Mitt Romney. Thats information I dont need to know. Thats information that tells me AT&T supports anti gay policies, anti choice, and anti diversity. Thats a huge blemish on their company and on the brand. Who wants to use a company that supports discrimination? Who wants to give their hard earned money to a company that isnt for the betterment of all but who actually supports bigotry and discrimination?

To me this is just bad business. The country is so unnecessarily polarized anything any company puts out there is going to be disapproved by about half the country. When my AT&T contract is up will I consider Verizon? Yes. When I hear Applebeas amongst other restaurants doesnt want to give their employees health insurance and will either raise the cost of eating there or lower the salaries of those that work there; do I want to eat there? No I don’t.  I know many companies have their prejudices but I dont want to read about them in the news. Do we really need to boycott those companies that harbor discriminatory values and behaviors? If we know about it we certainly do. In a way all of this blows my mind. Before anti gay bigotry was acceptable it was anti black, anti Jewish, anti Catholic. When you have a party like the GOP that openly discriminates against gays, without even trying to hide or sugarcoat it; its disgusting. When you have a company that publicly supports GOP candidates you have to think they also approve of their hatred and bigotry.

The easy answer to all of this is to end the hatred, bigotry and treat each other like we want to be treated ourselves. Thats a fantasy world, unfortunately their are people who thrive on bigotry and want to keep their constituents safe from  those scary gay/black/different people. Also the thought that the average American citizen doesnt care that the people who serve them food or help them at stores doesnt have healthcare and that we dont mind. Thats totally wrong.

I care. I wont shop at a store that doesnt treat their employees well, giving them healthcare, sick days and other essentials. Its time for Corporate America to respect everyone. Blacks, Jews, Catholics, Gays, Transgender, whatever it is I only want to give my money to companies that respect today’s America.

Join me in sticking up for the underdog!

What Lessons will the GOP Learn from their 2012 Losses?

Seeing the coverage of the results of the elections the last few weeks has really been astounding. Its like the GOP is in a circular firing squad, turning on each other and especially Mitt Romney. I almost feel badly for the guy because he is getting such a bad rap, its like people are walking over his dead body, and its not even cold yet. Its especially hypocritical when some of the people who are now blaming Mitt were singing his praises just a few days ago.

Some of what I am hearing is good. I heard Chris Christie say that Mitt Romney was completely wrong for saying gifts to minorities was why Romney lost; but more importantly he said what the people want is a government that works for them. A government that gets things done. He is absolutely right, that is what people want. We dont want to hear bickering and fighting and childish behavior, we want the problems of the nation addressed and fixed. For me personally I dont care whose idea it is, if its a good idea it should be used. Whether it be an R idea or a D idea. I have heard other prominent GOP members say the GOP must relook at itself to evolve with the times, to attract more people. And again, to focus on getting their work done. John Boehner has made a few public statements saying he wants to work together with the president to end the fiscal cliff; and that he is waiting for Obama to lead them.

I have also heard talk of finally coming up with a plan on immigration, that would be fantastic. Chris Christie has it right with what he says; people want their government doing the people’s work. I hope this is the lesson the GOP takes from their losses. That what people want is compromise and working together. We are sick of gridlock and zealots who wont compromise. I hope this is the lesson they do not take from their losses; that they werent conservative enough. That would be a disaster.

The GOP needs to learn to be more openminded and more inclusive. They have alienated many minorities, they out in the open about their bigotry towards gay people. The youth of this country really shows where we are headed. They want a leader like Obama who is open to all, and seen as a uniting figure. Obama handily won the youth vote. He also handily (by 28 points I think) won the women’s vote. No one wants to be told what to do with their bodies. Its so ironic; the GOP is supposed to stand for limited government and government not infringing on your rights. But, the GOP wants to dictate who can marry whom and choices a woman makes with her body.

It my hope that the GOP learns the lesson that competence and getting things accomplished is what the people of this country want. We want leaders that know facts, understand science, and keep out of personal business. To me Christie is a man who gets things done, Jeb Bush has an excellent reputation. I would like to see the GOP emerge as a viable alternative to the Democratic party. I would like to have a choice on election day. Lets hope the GOP has learned the correct lessons of their 2012 losses.

2012 Election — Good News For Everyone — And A Warning

Wow, thats what I thought this morning when I turned on my computer and saw all the results, Obama winning a strong electoral college victory; 2 states voting to legalize gay marriage, a first in history. Even pot, 2 states voted to legalize marijuana, one for medicinal reasons one for that and recreation. I was most pleased about Obama winning; if Romney had won the implications could have lasted for generations. Romney reinventing himself by the hour (or what we call lying and pandering) is not the example of who you want as president. More importantly it opens the door for future candidates to outright lie, not answer questions and still be elected. That would be devastating. Also, if president Obama lost I think it would be seen as a defeat for African Americans; I think people would think well, they can win an election but not 2 terms. His winning last night is a victory for that kind of small minded thinking; it shows that black or white you can win or lose. The fact that the American people did not support Romney is key for many other reasons. He offered no strategy, he presented a budget that didnt add up; in general he gave the attitude that he was above the rules. Americans rejected that.

Americans voting for tolerance is a wonderful thing. Up until now any gay rights measures that were on ballots always lost. Yesterday 2 states voted to legalize same-sex marriage. Thats another strike against the GOP with their hateful exclusionary tactics that would prefer gays disappear. As a gay man who is legally married to another man in the state of New York I am very excited by this. Mostly for the younger generations. They can have role models, look and see that marriage and family are options. And most importantly that there is nothing wrong with them for being gay. The pot thing is a kick, it should be legalized, taxed, and regulated. Prisons are over flowing with people who are locked up because of possession of pot. Thats ludicrous.

Today I am proud to be an American and for one of the first times in my life I am optimistic about the American people’s choices and growth.

Make no mistake, now is when the real work begins. We are basically exactly where we were before the elections. If the GOP continues to obstruct everything for the next 4 years nothing will get done. As I have mentioned I think it should be criminal to have one party vote 100% of the time against 100% of the DEMS bills. The GOP has in fact kept the economy weaker than it could have been, kept the unemployment rate higher that it should be, and kept GDP lower than it could have been. This in my book is treason, and I would like this investigated. The big question is, what happens next? Obama won a clear and decisive victory but what is he to do if the GOP keep blocking him? I have a few suggestions for him:

  • Reach out to the GOP today and send a clear message that his top priority is to work with GOP and DEMS to solve the country’s troubles
  • Obama needs to reach out more to the GOP, lunches, dinners. I know he has tried before, but he needs to try again and keep trying until things are passed
  • He should make oval office addresses saying what he wants to accomplish, he should include leadership from the GOP
  • Obama needs to step up to the plate, control the narrative, and show that he is the leader to take us into the future.

Today is a great day for America. Those that won should not gloat those that lost should not pout. I am calling on everyone to come together to tackle our problems.

More Reasons to say NO to Mitt

After a grueling election season, I mean for the public not the candidates, today is the day people vote. I really hope we find out tonight who wins because this story is just getting so tired. If you read my other posts you will know where I stand on many issues, candidates and parties. I have a few more observations that are worth noting.

  • First, get out and vote. If you dont vote you are not part of the conversation of moving our country forward.
  • I recently read about the al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole during the elections of 2000. Then Governor Bush said that with  an attack against the United States we should all stand together; an attack against one of us is an attack against all of us. He did not use that attack politically. In sharp contrast Mitt Romney immediately used the Benghazi attack as a political attack against president Obama. This kind of thing really shows a person’s character. Bush looked to bring the country together; Romney wants to break it apart. This shows a severe lack of leadership on Romney’s part too. Very disappointing. A few other examples of Romney’s lack of character and his cowardice:
    • Romney has never once stood up and straightforward said Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen and was born in this country. Romney cant stand up to Trump and the other birthers
    • Romney did not stand up and defend Sandra Fluke from Rush Limbaugh’s attack where he said she was a slut. Mitt’s response: those arent the words I would have chosen. Strong leaders need to stand up and take a position and condemn Rush for attacking an innocent person
    • The abortion issue — so many in the GOP have said unpalatable things about rape, abortion; Mitt Romney has not come out and clearly stated Rape is wrong and condemned the GOP statements. Again, too much of a coward to confront them
  • If Mitt wins it will have a devastating effect on future elections and set a horrible moral example for children. Mitt has lied, pandered and changed his position so many times its hard to keep track. What this says to me in the bigger picture, if he wins, it doesnt matter how much you lie, you can still win.
  • Voter suppression, Voter ID, inaccurate voting booths. This has to be addressed and fixed. We should have no doubt who won our elections. Voter suppression should be a should be a crime punishable by jail time. Voter ID – the government needs to find a way to get every person an ID at no cost to them
  • Big Government, what is Big Government? Cops, teachers, FEMA. This past week is the perfect end to this election. Mitt Romney wants to gut government programs like FEMA. President Obama used our resources to prevent a bad situation to turn into another Katrina.

I personally dont understand why the vote it close. Obama, while by no means perfect, is far superior to Romney in every way possible. Todays message is get out and Vote; and vote blue down the line.

How Low Will the GOP Go?

With 3 days left until the election I have been reading so many articles that actual made my draw drop. Not just the regular political spin, but out and out lies. We shouldnt have to deal with lies coming out of campaigns or politicians; the media has failed to call out lies which just leaves voters to believe what ever they hear. Most voters dont do much research so they listen to what their party or candidate has to say. One thing over the years thats always surprised me is that Dems question everything, they question a D president, congress, everything. The GOP stands in line and backs up whomever in the GOP is speaking. This to some might seem like loyalty to me it seems like lying and withholding the truth. Let me give a few examples of how low the GOP is sinking:

  • The GOP is criticizing Obama’s handling of the natural disaster hurricane Sandy. This to me is appalling, the last disaster to happen was Katrina where Bush completely botched the rescue efforts, had no preplanning and had the head of FEMA who was an unqualified unprepared man who Bush owed a favor to. Obama took a different course, he completely reorganized FEMA; he was out in front of the storm and had people ready to go as the storm was hitting. The GOP criticizes this response, when in fact they should be learning from it, offering more help. Partisanship when people are suffering and dying is criminal.
  • The GOP and Romney have thrown Chris Christie under the bus for working well with Obama during the crisis. Again, this is more than just a political game these are people’s lives being lost, homes ruined and the GOP is more concerned with politics than they are with helping suffering citizens. Where was Romney, why didnt he encourage his followers to see how they could help. Using people’s lives as political pawns is more than just disgusting behavior it should be a federal crime. These people should be jailed.
  • The tea party is one of the biggest threats to the stability and economic recovery today. Their mantra of not compromising is akin to a child in a sandbox not sharing his toys. The tea party nearly brought the country to default, our credit rating was downgraded because of the lack of Washington being able to solve problems; ie the tea party acting like children having a temper tantrum. No grand bargain was made last year directly because of the tea party. The fiscal cliff is another one of the tea parties doings; since they wont compromise everything is at a stand still. And the GOP blames Obama for the downgrade and for not having the leadership to strike a grand bargain. When in actuality it was John Boenher who couldnt sell a tax increase to his tea party base.
  • And the most egregious of all the GOP offenses, and showing how low they will go and have gone was their strategy to regain power. The decided on a scorched earth strategy from the day Obama was inaugurated. The decided to block each and every measure Obama and the Dems put out there to try to fix the Depression we were falling into. Imagine the millions of extra people working now if it werent for the GOP plan of Obstructionism. Instead of helping out, having ideas and contributing they just voted down the line no on everything. From day one. Our country was in severe crisis and the GOP is more interested in power. Again, this should be a federal crime. They are elected to help our country and they don’t instead they deliberately sabotage it. My word for this: treason.

With a party as out of control as the GOP is they must not be able to retake the White House. Its far too dangerous. The lagging economy can be blamed as much on the GOP and Obama. Mitt Romney is an empty suit who will be pushed around by the tea party. He must not become president. Vote for Barack Obama

Why NOT to Vote for Romney

As I mentioned yesterday the economy is lackluster, there is a lot of anxiety out there as to financial security. Its easy to think that Obama had 4 years and not much has changed so its time to try someone new. Someone with an excellent business record who might be able to turn things around. Yesterday I outlined my reasons for Obama, make sure to check those out. So, with everything going wrong, the staggering unemployment figures, the number of people in poverty and the barely breaking even GDP why am I saying don’t vote for Mitt Romney? Many many reasons, below are a few:

  • Mitt Romney is a man who projects weakness; weakness in his beliefs, weakness in standing up to his base, weakness in keeping his own opinions. First, his beliefs; he has been on every side of every issue and changes his stances so much it could make your head spin. Early on he is pro choice, pro gay rights, pro gun control. He was pandering then to the voters in Massachusetts; either telling them what they wanted to hear or maybe thats what he thought at the time. Next while getting ready to run for a presidential run in 2008 his views became much more conservative. During the primary he said he was a severe conservative. He said he would eliminate FEMA and have the states take care of it. He said he would have a $5Trillion tax cut. He has reversed his stance on everyone of those issues in the last few weeks. Too many non truths (ie LIES) for me means I cant trust him. If I cant trust him I dont want him as president.
  • He cant stand up to his base. If he cant do that how is he going to stand up to other world leaders. A while back Rush Limbaugh called a college student a slut for going to congress regarding birth control. When asked for comment about this young woman Romney said, I wouldnt have used those words. No standing up to Rush and saying that language is unacceptable when talking about a private citizen. No backbone. Recently many GOP have said outrageous things about legitimate rape, pregnancy,  abortion; where was Romney? No where to be found. No statements until weeks later saying rape is always wrong. This is weakness of character and cowardice. I cant stand the thought of our president being a coward who cant stand up to Rush Limbaugh.
  • Romney’s campaign has been all about pick me, Obama has failed. When pressed Romney came up with an economic job creating plan that includes a 20% tax cut across the board, which independent economists say will cost $5Trillion. When pressed how he will pay for that Romney says he will close loop holes. He wont be specific, he wont tell us which ones. He now claims the wealthy wont have any tax relief at all, a change from his earlier stance. The fact is there arent enough loopholes to close to pay for this tax cut, so he would be ballooning the debt. Also, even more importantly, George W. Bush tried the tax cut theory to stimulate growth; it was a miserable failure. Bush ended his term in office with zero net new jobs. So Romney is proposing to do what Bush did, that lead to the financial meltdown.
  • Romney has out and out lied about the state of the economy. Top level economists have stated over and over that a financial crisis is different than a typical recession. Getting out of a financial crisis takes many many years, and actually looks like what we are going through now. Romney knows this and yet tries to distort the facts saying its Obama’s fault the economy is so bad.

These are just a few examples of why I am against, strongly against, Romney becoming the president. A hollow man with no conviction to state his beliefs and stick by them is not the kind of man to run our country. You cant have one opinion now, another next week, and yet another later in the day. As a citizen I have no idea what he would do as president, none. Romney had many chances to change my mind. Not releasing his tax returns is a good example; if he had released them, told all Americans which tax laws he legally took advantage of and was going to work to close those loop holes, I would have respected that. Instead he just hides from it. I dont see Romney being able to stand up to the radical tea party or the neocons who would love a war in Iran. Romney is the wrong choice.

Why You Should Vote For Obama

Its true the economy has been bad for 5 years now; the improvements seem unnoticeable, the unemployment and longterm unemployment rates are staggering and painful. Obama seems a bit distant, aloof and like he doesnt have a sense of urgency with job creation and the anxiety many Americans feel; the unemployed ones being anxious about never finding a job, the employed ones anxious about being laid off. Many say Obama had 4 years to fix this and he didn’t, so why am I now endorsing Obama? Many many reasons:

  • What Obama walked into was a financial crisis, a housing crisis and a recession. Most recessions have played out in similar ways, downturn then upturn, or a V-shaped recovery. A financial crisis is an entirely different animal; in economic study after study the facts prove that recovery from a financial meltdown is very much what we are feeling right now. Its more L shaped; its a much longer road back to full employment than a normal recovery. The GOP would have you believe that Obama is to blame for the weak economy, that is not the case.
  • The 2009 Stimulus plan Obama put in place kept the unemployment rate from going to 15% and staying there for years; this stimulus was essential for creating 5.2 million new jobs. The Auto bailout and bankruptcy has produced a thriving auto industry in America once again. I believe the liquidation of GM would have had far worse consequences on the American psyche than Lehman Brothers did. The problem with the stimulus is that it was too small, as most economists predicted at the time it should have been twice or 3 times the size. Obama could not get that passed because the GOP blocked him and many of the Dems were Blue Dog Dems that vote like GOP.
  • Health Care ACA – Obama was the first president in history to pass a healthcare plan. We are the richest country on earth and should have healthcare for all. This bill might not be perfect but its time for the GOP to stop acting like spoiled children and to help work on the bill to make it better. Romney wants to repeal this bill and replace it with nothing. He said poor people can call an ambulance and go to the ER. This is not leadership.
  • Surviving the scorched earth policy of the GOP. The GOP decided to stop Obama at all costs; even as the country was going towards another Great Depression the GOP was obstructing every bill, idea, proposal from the President. To me this is treasonous behavior and should be investigated and punished by jail time; anyone who votes against the best interests of this Country should be jailed. Even with all of this Obama was able to get things done.
  • President Obama has sought equal rights for all, including endorsing same sex marriage and trying to end the discrimination gay people suffer through. He has appointed more diverse candidates to the Supreme Court; 2 women, one being Latino. Its of the utmost importance to have differing points of view on the court as the appointees will be there for decades.
  • Militarily Obama has been brilliant. He reopened the hunt for bin Laden; took a huge risk in making the order to have boots on the ground to take bin Laden out. If this mission failed his presidency could have been ruined. He reset the war to focus on al Qaeda, chopped off its head and also took out many senior level members of the group across the globe. His use of drones has been extremely successful. He ended the Iraq war, he has set an end date for the war in Afghanistan. He has also brought honor back to the United States after Bush alienated so many of our allies. He has built coalitions and has the world behind us in working with Iran and many other issues.
  • Economic growth is far better than it was. As we know he walked into office with 800,000 jobs being lost per month and a GDP falling at an astonishing rate 0f 9%; conditions like this not seen since the Great Depression. Since that time we have seen 44 consecutive months of job creation; we have not fallen back into recession, housing is coming back, manufacturing is coming back. Two prominent economists, one from Harvard the other from the IMF have stated that Obama has laid the ground work for a more robust economy over the next 4 years. It would be horrible to see Mitt Romney in the Oval taking credit for Obama’s work.

These are some of the reasons I think Obama deserves a second term, I encourage every American reading these words to vote for Obama on election day. Also, dont forget to vote Blue for Senate and House.