And When The Country Was Falling Apart Betsy Ross Got It All Sewed Up

photoAnd then there’s Maude! What a fun show that was for me as a little kid to watch. The loud mouthed nemesis to Archie Bunker!

But, our Country is falling apart now much more so then it was back in the 1970s. Income inequality is the most severe it’s ever been. More than the Gilded Age. There are so many things going wrong today and no one in our government is even remotely seriously trying to fix any of it.

There are some 95 million people unemployed in our country today. Some are retirees, some are students. But the vast majority, according to the Wall Street Journal are eligible for work and looking for a job. That is a catastrophe.

Our unemployment rate is completely inaccurate. No one is lying or cooking the books, the government just has no way of knowing who is ‘actively looking’ for a job or someone who has given up. The unemployment rate went way down this month. Why? Because over 800,000 people in April were so discouraged they stopped looking for work. That 800K figure wipes out all of the new jobs created for the entire year. Why is this not taken seriously? The consequences of this will have dire longterm effects on our country and we shouldn’t be surprised when the government is overwhelmed by people needing money for food.

What’s even more disturbing is the Supreme Court. Are they American citizens? Do they have the best interests of the American people on their minds? It’s seriously hard to tell.

They approved of prayer in government meetings. Prayer that is almost completely Christian. Is our country not based on the separation of church and state? This decision is completely unacceptable. If you want to pray, go to church, synagogue or mosque not at a government meeting. This ruling take the U.S.A. one step closer to becoming a larger Iran.

Citizens United? Why don’t we just say it? The rich can buy elections and control the country. We don’t live in a democracy, we live in an Oligarchy. This is NOT what our Founding Fathers wanted for this country. I think if they were alive now they would be appalled at what goes on in this so called democracy.

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn’t care if the whole world watched….

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CPAC ** 50 Votes on ObamaCare ** GOP Doing Nothing All Year

BocaI saw on a headline somewhere today that this CPAC is going on now. For those who aren’t aware CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference. I am sure the entire conference will be about each one of them to trying to prove they are the biggest asshole in the room, oops, meant to say they will all vie for being the most right wing. Food Stamps? Cut them! Unemployment Insurance, Cut it!

I heard Mitch McConnell came out holding a rifle. I won’t be tweeting about any of this because I don’t want to give them any publicity, but I am going to comment on it and the GOP in general. So this week, or however long it is, each potential candidate will get up and slam President Obama and blame him for everything and anything that’s wrong in the world. I’m bored just talking about it.

Constructive criticism is always good and should always be sought after. But, just saying ‘You Suck’ does no one any good. Don’t like ObamaCare? It’s been 5 years, where is your alternative? This is where I would love to see politics separate itself from legislation.

The GOP announced at the beginning of 2014 that they were going to do nothing, let nothing pass as a political strategy to win the midterm elections. To me that statement is a call to remove them all from office and/or bring them to trial for not representing and following the Constitution. It sickens me that the GOP had their 50th vote recently to repeal ObamaCare. They know it’s already the law of the land. They know the president would never sign any such bill. Politics and pandering.

I would like to see, solid concrete ideas coming from the GOP, rather than just the word NO. Your taxes and mine pay the salaries of these people and yet they are accountable to no one. Yes, votes count and everyone must go out and vote, but, they should still be accountable while in office.

This might sound like a fairytale, but, what if the GOP actually spent their time doing what was best for the Country? Coming up with fresh ideas to increase job creation, boost the economy, help America’s reputation in the world. Coming together as a Country really is something few are interested in. Such a shame. I am sure that when the Founding Fathers put all of this together they would never have tolerated what’s going on today. A representative’s own job being more important than Country First?

Btw, I don’t doubt that the DEMS have been guilty of many of the things above and I hold them accountable as well. I’ve just never seen such egregious behavior from politicians as I have seen today.

Like they did in 1985 when laying down the tracks for “We Are The World” a sign was hung at the entrance saying “Leave Your Ego Behind.” I wish our politicians would do that. The Country and the World would be a better place.

Please Read A Personal Experience With #Unemployment

IMG_3864An anonymous guest blogger’s Unemployment story:

Came from CUBA w my parents back in 1967 in the LIBERTY FLIGHTS.
Got married ,divorced, no kids and worked different jobs.
In Feb 11th    1980 got an office job and I thought to my self I will retired from here at 65.
On JULY  2012 after 33 years I  got layoff .They got TEMPS and younger college people.
I did  get UI .and looked for part time jobs. But there is a problem I was 60 They want younger people.
In NOV 2013  after I did worked all my life the stop my UI .No savings.
I will be force to retired at 62  10 months to go.
I have not paid rent for the last two months, going to food pantry and Salvation Army for food, for me and m pets.but they don’t give personal items. EMBARRASSING.
You can go once a month to either one .Never get enough food for my dogs. So if I get $5 extra dollars is for pet food.
I don’t drink or smoke but I LIKE TO DRINK DIET COKE  and I can’t .My dogs are first.
I been waiting to get help w my electric bill since JAN 16th  that I did apply for help.
Com ED can’t wait till I AM approved ,they want down payment of $ next Friday.
Had to cancel the YMCA of 14 years.
My family pays my phone and Internet in case of an emergency .
My neighbor did give me money to help w my cooking gas.
I am not a lazy person I clean the building to help w my rent. I take care of a couple of cats ,I do my land lord’s laundry and help her in her house .She takes it off the rent.
They offer me to apply for low income ,just have to get in line…..
Why do I have to move when I been here for 34 years?
No one can tell me that I am taking a long vacation and enjoying this situation ,not knowing if next month I will have electricity or cooking gas or a place to leave.
I wont tell my name. , don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me .I want what I deserve ,what I worked for. 

The 2014 Obama Agenda; If He Listened to Me @AndrewSGinsburg

IMG_1870So, today is a nice and quiet New Year’s Day. I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and thank you all for reading my words. There is one person who I want to read this particular piece and call me to discuss. You know who you are, you are married to @FLOTUS. Here I will lay out what I think our President immediately have on his agenda. For anyone reading that thinks Barack Obama walks on water, has no faults, can’t improve anything he does, you might want to stop reading this and get some help.

  • First on his agenda should be a massive jobs bill that includes updating all of our infrastructure, power grids, airports, everything. Two thirds of the American public think the economy is headed in the wrong direction. Consumer spending this holiday season was extremely weak. Why? Because people are insecure about their jobs and the economy, as they have been for five years. Consumers need to feel good about their jobs, secure about the economy to start spending more. The more we spend the better the economy does. So this is where Obama should come out full throttled with a jobs bill and infrastructure of the future plan. He should have done this last year after he trounced Romney but he got caught up in the gun debate, which never seems to end well. Mr. Obama needs to sell to the American people a way to fix the economy for good. I say spend $1 Trillion on this. Fix and upgrade everything that needs it. I hear companies complain that they are trying to hire but no one has the right skills (I think this is bullshit), but have the government pay for training for new employees. So jobs can be created. The unemployment rate has been going down because people have stopped looking for work because they are so discouraged; once they stop looking they aren’t considered unemployed. The 7% figure is very misleading; I would peg the number closer to 20%. The workforce participation number is extremely important, that’s the number of people who have jobs compared to the number of people who want jobs. This is at its lowest level in 40 years. This need to change. You say how could Obama get $1T out of the Congress? Good question. But add up all of the government aid, from food stamps to unemployment insurance to medicaid. Putting $1T into new jobs and bringing all infrastructure into the 21st or 22nd Century, will bring in more money in tax revenue from the new jobs it would practically pay for itself. Those that say the GOP are just obstructionists and would block anything like this need to understand that no one has a bigger, louder, better bully pulpit than POTUS. Use it.
  • Taxes. I am not a believer in ‘redistribution’ of wealth. You earned it, you deserve it. I do however feel that our tax code needs a complete overhaul. And not a revenue neutral one. There are so many tax loopholes that could be closed it would probably bring in more than $1T per year. Those kind of numbers could pay off our national debt in a very reasonable time frame. What am I talking about? Well, lets say you want a tax write off on your third home; under my plan I say no. Yes, I think it’s important to have tax deductions for people for their first home; but we have to create something more fair and balanced. If you earn over $400k per year, no you second home (3rd, 4th, etc) should not receive a mortgage tax deduction. Over seas investment loop holes should be closed. Make the tax code work for everyone. Maybe if you have $15M in the bank you shouldn’t get Social Security or Medicare.  I don’t see any of this as wealth redistribution. Everyone should pay their fair share tax wise. Do it, change the laws, pay down our debt.
  • Start with what I have recommended. Then when this is in action go for Immigration Reform. Change #ACA to Single Payer. Get on Iran ASAP, I think they are pulling the wool over your eyes. Get those tougher sanctions in place to start Day 1 after the initial 6 months.

All of this needs to be done to strengthen the United States both domestically and internationally. One of the reasons I think Hillary Clinton would be a great president is she is not an outsider. Obama has been standoffish and aloof with both GOP and DEMS. That’s no way to solve the Nation’s problems. If you are Hillary, and know how the game is played, you can accomplish these things.

Mr. President, you and your family have brought our Country into the 21st Century. From Michelle rocking the bangs to your support of equality for all you have done so much for us. Call me, email me, hit me up. You and I need to chat.

Sunday Talk Shows News Media #MTP Reviews and Commentary

ImageYou might ask yourself why I watch Meet the Press when I am so critical of it. The answer to that is simple; MTP had been the gold standard for many years; it spawned an entire industry. It should be the best and it simply isn’t. David Gregory is a horrible moderator who always seems more interested in getting his point across rather than learning new information from his guests. His ultimate goal is to make news on  the show, to garner publicity. This is not an admirable goal for an alleged ‘journalist’ to have. It’s obvious MTP is having problems in the ratings by the way they keep switching around their format, sometimes different every week. The panel is there, then they sit there while other guests are being interviewed, then they come back. This isn’t shaking things up, this is providing an inconsistent and often incoherent format. I am just happy that Gregory has stopped trying to push that web extra he has sometime during the week. Another knock at MTP, they are relying too much on NBC/MSNBC talent and should seek opinions of others. A month or so ago they had Chris Matthews, whom I enjoy watching, on shamelessly promoting his new book.

Today’s show was disappointing, as most have been. Gregory had an interview with Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) on to discuss the U.S. and Global Economy. Lagarde talked about strong growth and low unemployment in the U.S. now and thinks 2014 will be stronger. Gregory doesn’t ask, know, or understand why the U.S. unemployment rate is 7.0%. Lagarde, a so called expert, thinks the rate will lower next year to the mid 6% range. Now, how can you live in the U.S. and not know all of the questioning of that official rate. How can you not ask the expert, who also doesn’t seem to know, how accurate that rate is. I have heard and read so many estimates about the real unemployment rate, the real number of unemployed people. I have heard ranges of 13% – 28% unemployment rate. Longterm unemployment, I have heard a low of 4 million (the official U.S. government rate) to a high of 89 million. The exact number isn’t the point, what the point is is that we have a longterm unemployment crisis. Our expert shoo-shoos and dismisses it. Gregory is more interested in if Lagarde will run for president of France. This could have been such an opportunity to have her, or some other economists, on and ask, what’s going on. What are the real numbers. What will it take to get these people back to work. But no, it’s just a waste of people’s time to watch. NBC News you can do better.  Your Grade: D

We switch over to CNN where some of my favorite anchors are. I like Candy Crowley, and I really like Barbara Starr! They are both bright women who report the news well and ask good questions. CNN has been going through lots of changes recently. They got rid of one of their best talent, Soledad O’Brien, I think she is great and should have been kept on. Try getting rid of Peirs, Wolf, and many others!

Then we switch to Reliable Sources, which I usually watch while typing emails. This morning they were talking about that Neanderthal from that duck show. I have tried to not mention him or the show because I believe in not giving any publicity to people I think are despicable. On Reliable their were 3 guests talking about the uproar and how it was so blown out of proportion. And also that he articulated what many Americans believe in homosexuality from the bible. First off, do you feel the same way about anyone that’s been divorced, anyone who works on Sunday, anyone who disagrees with the notion that blacks should be slaves and women should be property? Or do you cherry pick from the bible and only hold gays out for ridicule. Newt Gingrich, married 3 times, how could anyone that believes in the bible not have a problem with him? What is the most despicable about the comments from the star of the show is his talking about sin, talking about homosexuality in the same breath as bestiality. If you are a true bible thumper and outspokenly shun your divorced friends, ostracize people who have affairs, refuse to associate with people who work on Sundays, your words might have some credibility. But they don’t, because I haven’t seen anyone do those things. Freedom of speech? Sure, I am all for it. But, when you work for and are representing a company you can’t always say everything that pops in your head. Otherwise that company, only concerned w their bottom line, might fire you. Me? I am self employed so I can say anything I want.

Getting back to the Sunday shows. I think George Stephenopolous is one of the best interviewers out there so I haven’t watched his show yet. I also think Chris Wallace gives an excellent interview and haven’t watched him yet.

We deserve a better news media.

Let’s Party Like It’s 1999 — Bill Clinton George Bush McDonald’s

IMG_1843Who knew Prince would be so right in the lyrics he wrote in the early 1980s: Two thousand zero zero Party Over, OOPS Out of Time! I hope I am wrong about this but to me it’s looking a lot like 1999, the height of the Dot-Com Bubble era. The Nasdaq is now over 4,200, at its pique it was somewhere around 5,400; after the bubble burst it was at around 1,500 for years. The Dow is now flirting with 16,000. Today, as in back then, we had companies worth billions of dollars, but generated no revenue. Stock in general were over priced. I am hoping we are not heading for the same situation today. The jobs, good jobs, market didn’t recover from the recession starting in 2000; and they have only gotten worse since the financial collapse of 2008.

What many people don’t know is that in the later quarters of 2000 our economy was slowing almost to a stop. When George W. was inaugurated we were already in recession. Since the effects of the recession tend to be felt months later every thought it was Bush that caused the recession and the bubble to burst. It wasn’t. For most of Bill Clinton’s time in office the GDP was growing at over 4% (compared to about 1.5% now). The severity of the dot-com bubble bursting was so deep that it basically wiped out all of the growth for Clinton’s term. Since the growth was in the dot-com businesses, when they all went down Clinton pretty much had a record of no growth. The surpluses that were supposed to be there for as far as the eye could see came to a screeching halt. Bush was blamed for that, but it happened before he got into office. Trust me, he made it plenty worse though.

Our politics should be more open and honest. We should all know what the cause and effect of economics are so we can come together to do what’s best for our Country. Rather than pointing fingers at W. or Obama, we should all have a better understanding of these issues so our Country can grow with prosperity. W. of course made it worse with those tax cuts that are what’s driving most of the nation’s long term debt. They should never have been put in place; maybe only for families with an income of $50,000 or lower. But not everyone else. And the wars of course made everything worse. The loss of life, the wasted money. The ruining of the reputation of the United States as being the most powerful country on earth put in to question by the botched handling of the wars. It’s such a horrible shame that everything that goes on comes down to political pointing fingers. Not learning from the successes and failures of  past and current presidents.

Now we come to McDonald’s, Wal Mart and other workplaces that don’t pay a living wage. How does all of this fit in to what I have just been talking about. Easily and in one word. Jobs. We didn’t recover from the recession of 2000, the collapse of 2008; we need a major jobs bill. And I mean MAJOR. We need to get people back to work with jobs that pay living wages. We need to create jobs for the 10s of millions who have been unemployed for over a year. We need to stop bickering about every little thing and work together so people can restore their dignity, have a job that can feed their families. Our priorities are wrong. Our school children ranked 30th globally in knowledge. Our infrastructure is old and decaying. It’s time to invest.

The Country and the People will be better off for it, all around.

Tea Party Is UnAmerican and UnPatriotic And Needs to be Called Out on It

Image 75What the United States just went through was an embarrassing fight that could have resulted in a worldwide Great Depression. The Great Shining City on a Hill that Ronald Reagan spoke of has turned into an ungovernable farce. The escapades of the tea party, the cowardice of John Boehner was so reckless; and who will feel the pain from all of this? Certainly not them. Its the people who live paycheck to paycheck, people who cant find jobs and rely on government for assistance. The political posturing and gamesmanship shown the last few weeks has had severe negative impact on people. The government, that is paid by you and me, should not allowed to play chess using the American people as pawns.

What was the disagreement about anyway? ObamaCare aka The Affordable Care Act #ACA. The tea party is so against this law that they shut the government down and put us on the brink of default. They have spread blatant lies about #ACA saying that corporate America is already suffering from it, they cite UPS for no longer covering spouses as an example. President Obama delayed the employer mandate a year, so the decision by UPS had nothing to do with ACA. It’s another tea party lie. First off, I dont know how anyone could be so against ACA when no one really knows whats in it. As I have said many times the administration has done a dismal job informing the public about the bill. As I have also said many times, the fact that the House has had 43 votes to defund/repeal ACA is an outrageous misuse of Congressional time. Its obvious to me, and I cant understand why its not to others, that the GOP and tea party arent in Congress to make life better for the American people, they are there to make Mr. Obama a failure as president. Plain and simple.

As I mentioned in my last post, the tea party zealots might have in fact been sent to Washington to repeal ACA. When you look at the big picture, if you are able to, you see that whatever the House votes to repeal will not become law unless the Senate agrees and the president signs it. Chances of that were about 0%. That should have been learned or taught to the tea party day one, hour one. Yes one symbolic vote might have been ok. Then it was time to move on. President Obama doesnt say the bill is perfect. The GOP plan was to repeal the healthcare law and leave people without health insurance. If the tea party consisted of true patriotic Americans they should have gotten straight to work on making the law better, fixing the kinks in it. Instead they postured and bloviated for four years about the evils of ACA and were hours away from having the worlds economy dive into a cataclysmic disaster.

So its not really ACA the tea party was after, it was Obama. The tea party has a point in bringing up the Country’s long term debt, that is a real and serious issue. However their charade of the last few weeks has added $700B to our debt. Again, if you look at the bigger picture and your goal as a patriotic American is to have a better life for generations to come you have to think of ways to lower the debt. Currently our economy has over 23 million un/under employed people, some estimates are as high as 89 million. What you need to do is get these people back into the workforce. Thats the single best way to bring in more revenue to the U.S. Treasury which in turn will lower the longterm debt. According to an article in Forbes magazine if the U.S. were to spend $400 Billion in a jobs program today, the amount of money that would come into the treasury is $4Trillion in ten years. Why does no one pay attention to this? Oh, because they are too busy with manufactured crisis like the one we just went through.

If the tea party were Patriotic Americans they would be behind such a bill. Closing a lot of tax loop holes is also needed. Not revenue neutral. GE and other large corporations are able to pay no taxes at all? Our tax code needs a major overhaul. No flat tax; the more you earn the more you pay. Period. Those that have good fortune should reach their hands out to those that don’t.

Like Elizabeth Warren I am not pleased with this deal either. It just delays the fight for 6 weeks. The tea party is already gearing up to kill immigration and other bills the president wants to do.

Tea party is not pro America.

A #MustRead Letter to the Editor from a Follower #Military #Unemployment Media Ignoring Longterm Unemployed

A follower of mine sent me this letter she sent in to a newspaper; the newspaper edited out the most important parts of the letter so I am publishing the full text. This letter brings up so many valid and important issues that are completely ignored by Congress, the Media, the President, by everyone. Here is an excellent reminder:

IMG_1640“Letter to the Editor”


It was interesting to see your front page story yesterday regarding $1 Billion being “found,” and furloughed workers getting back their 5th day of work per week.


Forgive me, but day after day we read articles and heard news reports about workers who lost one day of work per week for a period of time, while people such as myself cannot find a job, at all.


I was recently laid off from a management position with an IT start-up that didn’t have its financial ducks in a row.  Because I worked for such a short period of time, and hadn’t worked for a number of months previously, I was not eligible for unemployment benefits.  Since then, I was offered a contract with a local defense contractor, and while waiting to receive the contract, they decided to cancel it.


No unemployment benefits, savings gone, about to apply for food stamps, maybe welfare…..  and, in addition, I am an ex military spouse.  I left my own career to support the career of my now ex-husband, and when I need it the most, I cannot find a stable job in order to support myself.


When is the same level of attention by the paper, and others, going to be given to people who are on the verge of financial collapse because they can’t find work?


And, even more so, when is the same level of attention going to be given to military spouses who “did their duty” by giving up their careers for the “military member,” and have no way of supporting themselves if the need arises?


A one-day-a-week furlough caused you to skip your Saturday nights out?  Forgive me, but the inability to find stable work is causing many more of us to have to decide whether to pay the rent, or buy food, or maybe even forget the rent all together and just move into the car.


Isn’t it time to focus on the people who are really struggling?




Some Unemployed Keep Losing Ground by WSJ

IMG_1473This is an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, it shows how many unemployed people are not getting re-hired and what a devastating effect its having on the long term unemployed.

I highly recommend reading this piece in its entirety at by Ben Cassellman


The recession ended four years ago. But for many job seekers, it hasn’t felt like much of a recovery.

“Once people reach a point where they no longer consider themselves employable…it is very difficult to pull them back,” said Joe Carbone, president of WorkPlace, a Connecticut workforce-development agency that has developed a program targeting the long-term unemployed. “We are losing thousands of people a day. This is like an epidemic.”


Nearly 12 million Americans were unemployed in May, down from a peak of more than 15 million, but still more than four million higher than when the recession began in December 2007. Millions more have given up looking for work and no longer count as unemployed. The share of the population that is working or looking for work stands near a three-decade low.

Is this 1937 or 1929?

IMG_1463Its actually a great question but either one means bad news for the United States of America. Most people know about 1929 the stock market crash and the beginning of the Great Depression. What many people dont know is that in the period from 1929 to 1937 the stock market rebounded, the economy looked good and everyone thinking we were out of any economic danger decided to put in place major budget cuts. Thats what happened in 1937, budgets were slashed, no more stimulus, people, some people thought the economy had recovered. But, it hadn’t. The budget cuts that were initiated in 1937 kept the Great Depression going until after World Ward 2. So where are we today, cutting budgets to continue the Depression we are in or just at the beginning? Its hard to tell. I am not an economist so keep that in mind while reading this. But, from what I have read from leading economists today we are in a situation of unprecedented long term unemployment as well as an economy thats shaky. Last quarter it basically broke even; this latest quarter the growth was below economists forecasts.

And, today we see our elected politicians looking for severe budget cuts. No cancer treatment for the poor? Is the U.S.A. a country where only the rich get medical care? The so called sequester is a disaster in the making. It cuts everything, from defending and protecting our country to cutting aid for education and medical care. Thats exactly what happened in 1937 which plunged the United States back into the Depression, which we had never gotten out of. What got us out of the Great Depression was WWII; during WWII we spent as a country 3 times the GDP; which today would mean $45Trillion per year. People attack Barack Obama for his stimulus not working as well as it should have. Well, in a $15 Trillion economy one push of $800 Billion wont do that much. Many economists predicted that at the time. And they were correct.

Today our economy is in a Depression. Hiring has been so slow that it cant keep up with populations growth. Last month 500,000 people stopped looking for work. These people didn’t stop because they wanted to stay home and watch TV, or they wanted to live off the government (their benefits had long run out). They stopped looking because their are no jobs out there and people got sick of applying and rejected. You hear lots of stories about the unemployed having a lack of marketable skills; this used to be called on the job training.

Speaking from experience I know that companies are not eager to hire people; they are not eager to take a well skilled worker and utilize their skills, no matter what the salary, they are more likely to over interview people and then not hire anyone at all. Its really an extreme disaster for both sides. For the unemployed it can be worse than a spouse dying; they are more likely to suffer ailments that employed people arent. For companies, they are trying to make do with less; have fewer employes, fewer expenses and more profit. But thats not the way it works in the big picture. Those that are fortunate enough to have jobs live in fear of losing them. You dont get the best work from people when they are walking scared and afraid of being unemployed. What you do get is higher profits and CEOs with extremely high pay, because this quarter did well. No one is looking at the big picture, as to what companies and people will look like a decade from now. High riding companies will likely lose their CEOs as they move on to a better paying job. Every day employees are left with the mess senior management makes and are often blamed for it.

So, 1937 or 1929? Austerity will kill all growth in this country and push us back into a deeper recession than we are already in. And its really a depression not a recession. If its more like 1929 we are in for a horrible ride. We are just at the beginning of a horrible economic mess.  Yes the wealthy will be fine and are protected. Where ever you fall on the economic scale do you want to see your fellow Americans suffering and possibly dying because they dont have income/cash?

Its time to learn from history. What we did in 1937 caused tremendous pain. President Obama should be out there pushing for stimulus and jobs bills; like he tried to do with gun control.  The GOP has been despicable in their obstructionism but that means Mr. Obama needs to work harder. We need more jobs for the 89 million people who are unemployed or who don’t earn enough to survive.

Today is the day, we need to all come together to put every American who wants a job back to work. The cost will be minimal compared to tje alternative.