being unemployed

I’ve heard politicians say being unemployed is being paid for doing nothing; that unemployment insurance encourages people not to work.  I can tell you from first hand experience this is not true.  Unemployment can take a huge hit on your ego, since most of out lives are spent at work we tend to equate our jobs and salaries with our self worth.  Losing all this is a huge hit on the psyche.  Then add to that countless job interviews, executive recruiters calling with jobs that are in no way a fit for you you can tend to get depressed and more.  Also, the amount of free time you suddenly have on your hands can be very difficult; from loneliness to boredom to the thought of just giving up.  Drinking, drugs and many other pain numbing things can come into play.  Unemployment is not like a vacation.  When your mind is down and depressed is not usually the time you start going to the gym, doing volunteer work, or being more productive.  Most of the time its just the opposite.


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