Barack Obama

Like many people I have mixed feelings and the President and the job he has done this far.  I think his list of accomplishments is outstanding, from averting a great depression, saving the auto industry, passing healthcare reform, fighting a much smarter war on terror.  I am sure I am leaving out a few, but this is a monumental amount to accomplish in such a short time.  Its extremely frustrating though that he does not have his team out there trumping up this list of accomplishments.  The usual people he sends out on the sunday shows are too cerebral, too flat and passionless.  I heard Bill Clinton speak for about 5 minutes about Obama’s accomplishments and he did a fantastic job outlining them.  So, Mr. President please get enthusiastic positive spokespeople to go out on the sunday talk shows, Leno, Lettterman, Today Show and really trump up these successes.  And, why has no one asked where the country would be today if the stimulus plan of 2009 wasn’t passed; can’t a non partisan economist speculate as to where we would be?  25% unemployment.  Same for TAARP, what would have happened without it.  So I am disappointed in Obama’s inability to articulate what he has done; instead the Republican party has painted an image of him as a big spender with a stimulus package that failed.

I want to see something bold from the Mr. Obama, I don’t want to hear about plans to tax people who earn over $1m per year, or the Buffet rule.  I want complete tax reform, remove all the loop holes, lower rates, and of course have a graduated system where those who earn more pay more.  This should create a lot of revenue which should be put directly into the debt.  I would like to see you take on the Simpson Bowles recommendations for long term pay down of the debt.  You need to explain to people that right now the economy needs to grow so we need to spend money now and phase in the SB plan.  Tax reform could be done now, right now.  Now is the time to think big and act big and I am disappointed that I have not been seeing that from you.

In summation, I think the President has done a good job on lots of policy issues, but he needs to tout his accomplishments, try to elevate the mood of the country.  The Republicans you are facing are clowns from a circus.  I hope you or one of your advisors reads this.  Feel free to contact me directly.


One thought on “Barack Obama

  1. Agreed. And most people have a very short attention span so Team Obama really needs to crystalize two or three messages into short sound bytes and repeat, repeat, repeat. The smartest political teams recognize what advertisers realized a long time ago: make it easy to remember, flood the market and deliver it with the utmost confidence.

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