Leadership – Do Companies Want Leaders or Followers?

One of the buzz words you see all over is Leadership; who is a leader and what does it really mean?  I have always considered myself a leader, instincts have told me what to do and I have always been able to get people to follow me in what ever endeavor I am undertaking.  Being a leader can be very tough in the business world.  I have worked in a few different companies and it seems that what most upper management wants are a  lot of followers.  They don’t want anyone disagreeing with whatever it is they are dictating, I have found the people who get ahead are not only followers, but flagrant ass kissers.  So, unless you are the CEO what is a real leader to do in the business world?  Its a daunting task to think of trying to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, become CEO and then implement your leadership style.  I have had many clashes with the people I have worked for over the years, in my case of leadership it had to do with consultative selling i.e. making people want what you have.  I would not follow along with company edicts, instead I would do things my way and excel at bringing in revenue but not see as an asset to a company because i wasn’t a follower.  In my  view thats what companies want, followers.  So back to my original question, what is  a leader to do?  I am in the process of finding that out now.  Right now I think it will involve starting something of my own, but I would like to hear feedback from anyone listening.


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