Iran, America, Jobs, People

Not sure why but I have alway had a fascination with Iran; it might be because of the age I was when the hostages were taken, and the nightly news was always ended with how many days the hostages were held.  Also President Carter’s rescue plan that ended in tragedy and the ever rumored deal between Iran and Ronald Reagan.  Also, the complete humiliation of Carter, not to mention the US, when the hostages were released as Ronnie was being sworn in.  I was too young then to understand that they had some reasons to hate us, we supported a dictator in their country, The Shah of Iran.  Also, in the 1950s Iran had a democratically elected president that the US CIA didn’t like so we assassinated him and installed the Shah.  Back to the revolution in 1979, from what I understand that was to free the Iranians from the grasp of a dictator so they could live their lives as they pleased.  What ended up happening is the leader of the revolution (I am not going to try to spell those names!) and his subsequent successor became dictators themselves.  Now Iran is ruled by their Supreme Leader, who is a dictator that curtails the rights and freedom of their population.  This is a tragic turn of events.  From what I have read the Iranian people are very much like the people here in the US, they want to be part of the world and not ostracized by sanctions and cut off from the rest of the world.  Iran, the nuclear issue has been going on for over a decade, I remember Condi Rice saying in the early ’00s that Iran would just stall and stall and stall.  It seems there are no good solutions to this issue, bombing them won’t stop their pursuit, at best it will put it back a few years.  Going to war could spark the citizens to become nationalistic and stand behind the regime they despise.  Doing nothing of course isn’t good.  Are the sanctions working, too soon to tell.  The news today of Iran stopping oil shipments has the ability to throw the world back into a deep recession or even depression; if oil prices were to spike dramatically.  I don’t have a solution for the Iranian issue but I do know that the Iranian people want to be free and want to join the rest of the world, we need to figure out a balanced way to accomplish that.


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