Trials of a Job Seeker

As we all know looking for a job is one of the worst experiences in life, job hunting when you are unemployed is even harder since you don’t have the luxury of not caring if you get the job or not.  In my last job, which was for 12 years, I worked selling print and online advertising for a major media company; the advertising was targeted to hiring, recruiting, employer branding.  I found it fascinating that the HR Execs I met with would go to seminars, take notes, brainstorm about how to find the best talent.  Typically I met with very senior level people in HR but they never realized how their good intentions were lost on the way down to the recruiters and receptionists.  Here is a great example that happened to me more times than I can remember; I would walk into an HR department and have a snippy receptionist tell me to fill out a form and go sit over there, she’d say this while not even looking at me.  When I said my name, the company I was from and that I was not there to for an interview I was there for a meeting the receptionists tone immediately changed, she would ask if I wanted coffee or water or anything else, she’d/he’d be very nice, telling me to have a seat it will just be a few minutes.  The point of this story is that for the most part job hunters are treated like crap.

In my recent job hunt I have found for the most part any time I send out resumes I would get a call from an executive recruiter; for the most part the executive recruiters immediately wanted to set up in person meetings (I am sure they  have some kind of quota), they would rarely tell you anything about specific jobs they just wanted to meet me.  I fell for this a number of times, I’d put on a suit, go into Manhattan and speak with them only to hear I didn’t really have the right qualifications for any current job openings.  Other exec recruiters would try to push me into positions I wasn’t interested in.  One even wanted me to fill out a 25 page pre interview prep.  For the most part I have found executive recruiters to be worse than useless.

They always tell you to expand your horizons, try to work  on all the strengths you have; interestingly enough when you do that and apply for positions that aren’t exactly the same as what you are doing now/then employers aren’t interested.  For the most part they want to fill an open position with a person who has the exact experience as the person who left.  This is a journey for me, I will be talking more and more about this.  Feedback appreciated!


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