The Mood of the Country

I see anger everywhere, I think the depth of this economic crash will be greatly studied in the years to come.  Right now it seems you can see the anger, frustration and lack of hope in peoples faces.  I have found this true wether its service in a restaurant, being around other riders on the subway.  You could almost call this the Age of Anxiety, Anger, and Hopelessness.  The economy and jobs situation are the direct causes of this mood.  I see the Tea Party anger similar to the Occupy Movement anger.  And the politics of all of it makes it worse, with the media stroking the flames, making differences where there aren’t really.  I think everyone would agree to having a fair chance for a job, a government that works for them and the long term health of the Country.  All of the right track/wrong track polls really shows the mood thats out there.  Politicians trashing each other just makes everyone more on edge.  The irony is I think both sides want the same things.  My personal mood is not good; since I can’t seem to find a job I don’t have high hopes right now.  Twitter and this blog has helped me a lot to sort out my feelings and thoughts.


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