My Dream Job

I was never one of those children that always wanted to be something when I grew up, I never had a “calling” for anything in particular, I didn’t want to be an Investment Banker, Management Consultant, or go to Business School after college.  In an earlier post I wrote about how I got into the Sales arena.  So, now for me to wonder, what would the dream job be?  Nots sure if there is just one, but here is one I have been thinking about and would love to do.  I’d love to be the host of a Sunday Morning Politics type show.  I see the current shows as a platform for candidates or politicians to go over (and over) their talking points, I see unprepared hosts not asking important questions.  My show would be different.  Mine would have non partisan “experts” so we could have conversations about the economy:  what exactly is going on with it; did the Obama stimulus make it better or worse; what are all of the “job killing regulations”?  An open national conversation on all the issues, this way if there are job killing regulations lets have the public demand they be changed.  If the stimulus did avert another Great Depression lets give Obama credit for that.  Instead of parsing words, spinning half truths lets let the American people hear the whole truth.  I’d also like to have some way to have audience stats that could show politicians what the people are really thinking.  Yes, so this would be a dream job of mine, to ask the questions that aren’t asked, have them answered by people who don’t have a “hat in the game” and more importantly use the power of social media, internet all forms of communication so the American people would have better lives.


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