Whitney What Is The Legacy

Whitney was a talent beyond recognition, her voice was amongst the best, she influenced a generation of singers and song writers. But, what is her real legacy? The music is def a part of it, if you are of a certain age her music was always around, always played and dominated the worlds stage. But the last 20 years she has not been a steady presence on the worlds stage, or radio stations. For the last countless years we have been waiting to see the headline we sadly saw last week, that she was dead. I don’t think you can talk about Whitney without talking about the drugs, the pain, the suffering. What brought one of the biggest superstars and most talented people to such unbridled addiction? I think Whitney’s legacy should be about drugs, alcohol, addiction, self destructive behavior. What drove her to this? This is a time where so many people could learn from what she went through. Most of us have day to day jobs we don’t like, or are unemployed and miserable, but this woman sat on top of the world, what made her so unhappy? One of the prevalent rumors is that she was groomed and produced into something she wasn’t, the good girl, the wholesome songstress. This rumor continues that her living a life that wasn’t her own drove her to despair and wanted to escape. This is a rumor, so we don’t know if its true. But, if her legacy could include a foundation that dealt with addiction; why people want to escape their own lives, why rehab doesn’t always work I think that would be the greatest honor to her of all. We all have things in our lives we don’t like, that we wish were different. Most people would fantasize about being Whitney Houston, and here she disliked her life enough not to save it, even with a child left behind. I think when we think of Whitney, in addition to her music we should think about what can be done to help others. Help others understand why they are unhappy with themselves, what kind of treatment they could seek. Whitney Houston should be a reminder to all of us that we all have the strength inside of us to face our demons. Whitney, we will miss you, but we have missed you for many years. Your lasting legacy could be helping all the people in your situation to have a different outcome. I hope thats how her dual legacy turns out.



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