Social Media – Is Anyone Listening?

I am kind of new to twitter and social media; I have had a twitter account @AndrewSGinsburg for a few years now but until recently I had done very little with it aside from the occasional tweet about nothing of importance.  A few weeks ago I decided I would delve more into social media, create another account @GinsburgJobs that would deal directly with issues I was going through; unemployment, going on interviews, dealing with executive recruiters, the long boring lonely days, self destructive behavior like going out to eat too much, gaining weight, drinking too much.  As time went by I found my hope of finding another job diminishing, things like being “long term” unemployed was a strike against me, being 47 I am sure was a strike against me.  So, the purpose of @GinsburgJobs was to see if I could create a community, share experiences with others, see if I could help other people, if they could help me.  I also decided to start this blog you are reading now, its purpose is to go into more detail about subjects (more characters than twitter allows!), talk about what was on my mind and do some venting, and also point out things other people had missed.  I have changed my original twitter @AndrewSGinsburg to primarily focus on politics.  Many times politics and employment issues overlap so you might see me posting the same thing on both accounts; this was especially true with extending unemployment insurance.  I might eventually split my blog, so one is about politics and one about work related issues.

Now on to the topic of this posting, my thoughts about social media.  In a way it reminds me of the 1990s when everyone was freaking out about the Internet, whether people understood it or not.  I was hired by a global media company to be an online sales executive in 1998, my boss thought that meant I also knew how to program computers.  She would always ask me into her office and ask why her computer wasn’t working, I didn’t want to tell her that I had no clue.  I always said the same thing thought, and it always worked: “try re-booting it”  I understood very early on the Internet was just another platform to reach people.  It wasn’t this big dark scary place.  To me social media is similar, its just another platform for people to communicate.  Btw, I am talking about my experiences, not Middle Eastern revolutions.  Social Media works great for some industries, like the media.  The other day I was watching the Whitney Houston funeral and I tweeted to Don Lemon that CNN should have more coverage of her addictions so people could learn from them, he tweeted back (yes, my first direct tweet from a celeb!).  For the most part when I look at the tweets that come in 95% seem like they are just promoting themselves, their services, their books or companies.  I often wonder, is anyone reading any of this stuff?  The twitter feed is filled with “5 tips for..”  “10 things to alway ….”

For my personal twitter accounts I have met a few nice people, ones that recommended books dealing with what I was talking about; people responding to what I had to say about politicians, motivation.  So I have a positive view and am enjoying this blog and tweeting my opinions.  Where this will lead I don’t know, a job maybe?


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