Single-Payer, Competition, Saving Money, Jobs

I keep hearing the term “single payer” but never really knew what it meant, I do know that the cost of healthcare is growing out of control, a lot of people don’t have it, people are forced to stay in jobs they hate because of health insurance.  I remember hearing a couple of years ago that there was an additional $1,550 added on to each car made in the US to cover the healthcare.  Companies that have promised healthcare during retirement are going bankrupt.  Costs are out of control.  The US pays the most per capita of all industrialized nations, yet has lower life expectancy, more infant mortality rates and is one of the only wealthy nations not to have single payer.

What if there was another way?  What if single-payer is the answer? Single payer would drastically reduce costs, its estimated for billing alone it would save $400 billion per year.  Basically our insurance now is a group of for profit insurers that have tremendous expenses aside from medical care.  From billing, overhead, sales, marketing, advertising.   Single payer would eliminate all of this – its estimated that 31% of all health dollars spent would be saved with a SP system.  So, financially it could make tremendous savings.  The best part would be the human part, that everyone would have coverage, there would be no one staying at a job they don’t like, no one dying on the street because they have no insurance.  And US competition could be increased since you wouldn’t have to add the $1,550 to each Ford.

Now, I am no expert on any of this, but why isn’t this in our political discussion?  Healthcare is a political football which is tragic, we have a government to help people not to pander and protect their own jobs.  I suggest we look into this more, have more discussion, debate and hear answers.  When our economy is so weak and we have so many people unemployed and losing insurance now is the time to have a Big Idea to help the American People!


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