Backward Thinking Family Values That Don’t Add Up

In politics you hear so much about Family Values, Values Voters, the Culture Wars.  Lets look at what they are actually saying.  They say that children should be brought up in a stable loving family with 2 parents, divorce is immoral, adultery is a sin, sex before marriage is forbidden, never have an abortion; I am sure I am forgetting a few more but thats the way it goes.  So, in a perfect world these values would be correct and true, or the ideal.  This isn’t a perfect world so a different approach is needed.  Lets start with marriage; cultural conservatives think marriage equality will ruin traditional marriage.  If they really are concerned about the ruination of the institution of marriage they should look first to the heterosexual marriages.  These are the ones that have almost 50% divorce rate – why not use the energy thats focused on stopping gay marriage to teaching people how to stay together and not get divorced.  What about celebs who marry for about 18 months, I don’t hear any talk from conservatives about that.  It seems the institution of marriage already is in trouble but I have yet to hear and suggestions from Family Values people.  On to sex before marriage and out of wedlock – single parent families.  Again, in a perfect world these issues wouldn’t be a problem and again we don’t live in a perfect world.  It mystifies me why values voters don’t want to teach kids sex education, how to have safe sex, and how to not get pregnant and usage of birth control.  This is such backward thinking it blows my mind.  Kids have all kinds of misconceptions about sex; many feel sex only pertains to vaginal sex; so they will have anal sex and oral sex and still consider themselves virgins.  Kids should be taught everything they need to know to protect themselves and their partners.  This would lead to fewer abortions, fewer single mothers and maybe even fewer divorces for people who get married just because of pregnancy.

So, to some up, its not gay people that threaten traditional marriage its straight people.  Lack of education leads to unwanted births, poverty, abortions, and single parent households.  I’d like to hear an intelligent answer to these points from someone from Family Values or another organization.


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