Muslim Outrage Misplaced?

Outrage in Afghanistan over the accidental burning of a few copies of the Koran; Afghans in police uniforms shoot and kill 2 Americans point blank.  Afghans chanting Death to America, I am sure you all have read these accounts in the news media.  My take, and outrage, is why haven’t they been this engaged in forming their own government, in protesting their fellow Muslims for the insurgency where the Muslims are killing more Muslims than are the Americans.  If this much effort, outrage, and action was shown in 2001 Afghanistan could be a functioning democracy.  Like one of the generals said, we can’t want it (democracy) for them more than they want it for themselves.  Many of the same issues are true of Iraq (no comment on if invading was a good idea); the outrage over Abu Ghraib photos; where was the outrage at the years of mass killings of Americans and Muslims by Muslims.

I think one of the main reasons there are such tension, suspicion and lack of trust of Muslims by Americans can directly be related to this issue.  The Koran is burned and the country is in an uproar, people taking to the streets and protesting, killing innocents.  But where is the outrage at the Taliban, why aren’t Afghans in the streets, building coalitions to stop the Taliban.  Al Qaeda attacks the United States and there is no outrage in the Muslim world, there was actually cheering.  Here in the US there are all but no moderate muslims who speak out against the radicalization and jihad against the US.  Where are those people, why aren’t we hearing from them?  I think Americans need to be reassured that Muslims are not all meeting and plotting against us.

I hear strong voices in the gay community, Jewish community, family values community – all making their points, speaking their minds and defining and defending what their causes are.  I hear nothing from the Muslim community.  I think if we saw the same outrage over the killings of Americans that we see over Koran burning it would help Muslim and American relations.  We are those moderate Muslim voices, why aren’t they speaking up, speaking out, why aren’t they talking about what they are doing to abolish terrorism?  Until this issue is addressed I think there are always going to be unnecessary tensions between the West and the Muslim world.


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