From American Pride to American Disgrace

A few thoughts on the War On Terror; I think George W. Bush had the best of intentions when he launched this war and started us on a new way of thinking. I think President Barack Obama has carried out and continued this was much more shrewdly and successfully than Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama’s use of drones has been immensely successful, he has all but decimated al Qaeda, while at the same time keeping our troops safer. I do think Obama understands the world of today better than almost anyone; he is seeking a way to have America seem less arrogant, keeping us safer and not conveying to the world that the US is run by a unilateral cowboy. The problem with all of this? President Obama isn’t getting any credit it for it. The Bush team makes it seem like the only thing Obama had to do with the death of Osama was to say “ok” to a mission that really was created under Bush. FALSE. Bush took his eyes off of Osama and Afghanistan in 2003; it was Obama’s refocusing on capturing or killing bin Ladin that made us, or I should say him, kill Osama. Mr. Obama is fighting a more effective war on terror, or war on Islamic radicals much better than George Bush did. President Obama just needs to get out there and talk about his accomplishments, talk about his vision, and talk about where he wants to take the country.


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