The Republican Pres Candidates Make Me Ashamed to be an American – Brzezinski

I was watching the Sunday news shows yesterday and this quote stood out in my mind.  Mr. Brzezinski was talking about how Obama knows more about the world than any other president in modern history; when asked about the Republican Presidential candidates, he said they made him ashamed to be an American.  You know what, I feel the same way.

Rick Santorum – The things that come out of his mouth are astounding and dangerous.  One most only wonder if he has any kind of self filter, meaning he has more outrageous views.  Lets start with his calling Obama a “snob” because he wants to make college affordable to all.  This is a reckless and dangerous comment.  One of the United States’ biggest challenges is to stay competitive in the globalization of the worlds economy; encouraging kids not to go to college, or saying not going is ok is completely unacceptable.  Positions like this, desperate election sound bites, could lead to a decline in the future of America.  Not to mention, going to college gives you a leg up in the workforce, offers higher overall pay.  The unemployment rate for college grads today is 4%; and here is Rick Santorum saying having the goal of helping kids go to college is being a “snob”.  Wanting to vomit over the separation of church and state?  If I am not mistaken that is one of the founding principles of this country.  Attacking JFK.  This might be too nuanced for a simpleton like Santorum to understand but what Kennedy was saying was the Church won’t rule the country he will; that does not mean that his views are an accumulation of a lifetime of his experiences, including going to and being around people who were devout followers.  Rick’s views on women in the workplace are absurd.  His views on gay rights are bigoted and unacceptable.

Mr. Santorum is a disgrace to this country; if he ever were to become President he could single handedly bring down the prestige, power and goodness of America and make it a laughing stock.  Sarah Palin would be a better choice!


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