Advice for Corporate America, Job Seekers and Innovation – Ginsburg Style

For the last few weeks I have been actively participating in “social media” including my jobs/unemployment @GinsburgJobs and my political @AndrewSGinsburg, and of course this blog you are reading now.  So far from what I have seen most people tweet tidbits of advice – the 5 best ways to succeed; the 10 things to remember in an interview.  Most of this wisdom will link you back to a service that you have to pay for.  I have a few thoughts on this, first, the question I always ask in every situation is “why” why are those good tips; if you aren’t yourself in an interview you probably won’t do well in the job.  This takes for granted the common sense I would imagine most people have, firm handshake, look people in the eye, do research on the company you are interviewing for and so on.  My second thought on all of this is what if you do actually get the job; all the tips here seem to be about what to do to get the job, or career coaches to help you do well at the job.

An issue I have brought up a lot on here is leadership:  can it be taught or is it instinctual also and more importantly do companies even want to hire leaders.  I have lots of horrific tales to tell about Corporate America, but lets just say the person who always asks “why would a client/prospect want that, why don’t we try this?” is not the most popular person in a corporate setting.  I don’t think companies want leaders, I think they want followers.  The CEO is the leader everyone else follows, period.  This of course is devastating for the products and services and business practices of American Companies.  No innovation, no contrasting points of view, this all leads to group think.  Of course all companies are not like this, just the majority of them are.

So, social media has been fun, I am enjoying seeing what people have to say, seeing reactions from other people to what I have to say (thats the part I like best)!  I have been told I communicate very well and am quite articulate.  This is another big issues in companies, communication.  Its very surprising for me that senior level people can’t communicate; how on earth would you expect things to get done if you can’t tell people what you want them to do.  My questions about whether leadership and communication can be taught is yes and no.  If you go to most of the trainers/coaches out there I would say you won’t learn either.  If you worked directly with me I could, and have, taught people both.



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