Motivation — Are We Born With It or Is It Learned Behavior?

Motivation has always been of interest to me.  Why do some people have the motivation to get up and go to the gym, then have a busy day at work, followed by outings with friends, while other people have little to no motivation?  Is motivation something we are born with or is it learned behavior, does it have anything to do with being an introvert or extravert?   The question of motivation has come to a more personal way to me since I was laid off.  All this free time and what kind of motivation do I have to do things, send out resumes, network, get things done.  Of course its so much easier when you are working because your workday consists of getting up, going to work, you have a set schedule and motivation can be less of an issue, since you are already out there in the world.  What I want to talk about is all of the people who are out of work, who have been out of work for over a year; how do they get motivated, what gets them going in the morning.  What kind of effects will anyone growing up in this day and age have as a lasting impression.  We all hear there are no jobs for college grads; does hearing that lessen peoples motivation to apply for jobs since they think it will be a futile effort?  Thats why I think this time is going to have lasting effects on generations to come, the uncertainty of being able to have a job; the gloomy prospects of the economy and everyone around you.  The Great Depression had those effects on millions of people.  I was brought up to never, ever, waste money.  Thats a depression mentality, its also a good way to live, but the reasons I was taught this by my parents and grandparents was because of the Great Depression.  And, the ironic part of it was that my family was doing very well during those depression years.

Everyone has heard that the more you do the more motivation you will get; that motivation doesn’t necessarily come to you but once you start doing something (gym, etc) you will bring the momentum to you.  I have heard this over and over again.  I have lived it, and I know it to be true.  But, when you stop going to the gym your mind, or my mind, forgets that you should try action first and let the motivation follow.  Currently I am in the forgetting phase.  Its a similar situation with looking for a job, how many interviews can you go on before you feel like you want to throw in the towel?  How many resumes can you send out knowing no one will probably read them.  So, my advice to anyone listening is go out and do something  every day, jog, run go to spin class; the motivation will snowball and you will see for yourself how much better you feel.  For the many of us who have been there, done that the challenge is much harder.


3 thoughts on “Motivation — Are We Born With It or Is It Learned Behavior?

  1. Begets.
    Energy begets energy. Laziness begets more laziness.
    Advising other people is easy…following our own advice is sometimes tough…perhaps another blog topic?

    1. What you say is totally true; except its me I am talking about. I’ll go to spin class, the more I go the more I wanna go. Then I’ll stop and not go and not find the motivation to go again…

  2. I struggle with motivation too; it can be tough. I find it easier to motivate my sales team than to motivate myself sometimes.

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