Tweets, iPhones, Facebook – Progress or Information Overload?

Are we too connected?  Knowing everything immediately, never being able to disengage is that a sign of progress or of a problem?  Obviously social media, texting, tweeting, smartphones, Facebook, Tumblr etc shows huge progress in technology, innovation and the quick growth and many changes in the industry I think are one of the most promising visions of the future of America.  All of these advances have made knowledge move faster; whether its for a big business deal or details about Downton Abbey.  I think the trouble comes in when we can’t put our devices down, thus never really escaping, relaxing and letting go.  Many people obsessively check their phones for emails, tweets, texts; I grab my phone constantly.  And now with having 2 twitter accounts and this blog I can get non stop info on how many people are following me, unfollowing, how many links have been pressed, how many page views my blog gets.  There is never a lack of info to look for, I almost forgot the biggest one of all Klout, I can check my Klout score anytime I want.

But, does all of this have a down side, has our attention span now under 140 characters, or a quick pic or headline?  Are our minds off in so many different directions, with so many distractions, that we never actually finish things thoroughly?  Is looking at your email every few mins for a message from your boss make whatever you are doing in the meantime only half well done?  It reminds me  a bit about anxiety; everyone has anxiety, some people have anxiety about their anxiety. If the anxiety is about getting things done, the more anxious you are, the less able you are to accomplish your tasks.  Same with the all of the devices (or distractions); would we get more done if we turned them off and did our work?  Turned them off at night as to not follow a string of emails from a VP who is irate about an email she never got (which is sitting on her desk).

I think its all about balance, use all thats out there to help you get info, then turn it off for a while.  As I type this I am looking down at my iPhone to see who just emailed me….


2 thoughts on “Tweets, iPhones, Facebook – Progress or Information Overload?

  1. Keeps the pharmacomafia happily handing out anti-anxiety meds. The gamer generation are amazing multi-taskers–male and femaie alike, however, they are also insomniacs and exhibit many symptoms of PTSD. Of course, that also keeps the drug lords…er um I mean drug companies…happy.

    1. ha bout the drug companies/lords! I’ve just seen more people looking at their blackberries at work, then missing what was said so it had to be repeated, so they weren’t multi tasking they were wasting time!

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