Can One Persons Voice Make A Difference?

I look around and see so many people doing what they are told to do, whether its at work or home.  They live their lives following some sort of script that was laid out for them and society itself.  Once in a while, a long long while, you come across someone like me that questions everything, challenges everything, and most importantly needs to make things better.  This, I know is vague, but I always have questions, when the GOP talks about Obama’s failed stimulus, my mind immediately focuses on what would have happened if we had no stimulus or what if the stimulus was double the size.  Instead as I watch statements like that being made, I see the moderator of the show not asking my question, instead they let them go on to GOP talking points.  I work in sales and can instinctively tell if someone is going to buy something – because I challenge myself with whatever it is I am selling so I can have the answers in front of a client.  Selling is a psychological push and pull game that I have been very good at.  The questions I ask at work usually have infuriated everyone I worked for; because they weren’t smart enough to challenge what it was they were doing.

So, can I make a difference?  Can I help the 4M people unemployed for over a year, the 25M people unemployed or underemployed?  Can I help the people in this country that are hungry, homeless, or have just lost all hope in their futures?  I fear that this period (which I call the Great Depression II) is going to forever scar a younger generation.  A generation that was once encouraged to ask, what can I do for my country.  Now, no one asks that, no one says what can I do to help my country, and everyone in it.  My voice is here, I am not sure how many people are listening, but I would like to make a difference.  I guess I want to be today’s Oprah.  Will my voice be heard?


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