Dream Jobs

Did you grow up always wanting to be something, a fashion editor, a doctor, lawyer, fireman?  Did you pursue those dreams and become what you wanted to be come. I am different than most people, I have no dream job; when I was a kid I wasn’t longing to be anything in particular.  Why do people dream of being in certain professions?  I am not talking about people that were born in poverty and want to rise up above that.  I am talking about what sparks the dreams of kids to a. want to work and b. dream about that particular profession.  I’ve always said people who are born and bred and do what their families want them to do (“My son is a Doctor!”) always have an easier path in life.  Its those people, like me, and maybe any of you that question everything have a more difficult time work wise.  I had an interview yesterday and the woman on the phone asked what I thought was a stupid question: “If you had a million dollars what kind of business would you start?”  Now first off I have struggled my whole like with what do I want to do so this is an unanswered question in my life as it is.  My first reaction to her was that $1M wouldn’t be enough to start a business, then I don’t remember what else I said but that did make me ask myself yet again what is my dream job?

I’ve heard many people say that when you are unemployed you can reinvent yourself and maybe finally follow your heart to your dream job.  What I have found in reality is that most companies and recruiters want to hire someone with the exact same skills, rolodex as the person that had worked there before.  I have had a very successful career in sales and done well with it; to me that would mean I could use those selling skills (which very few people actually have) on something besides media print and digital ad sales.  But nope, most companies don’t want that.  So my dream job right now is that people will start to follow my blog, that people will start asking the kinds of questions I ask; maybe I could have a national platform, like David Brooks or Maureen Dowd.  The reason this would be my dream job is because I feel like I have a voice that, if listened to, could make peoples lives better; not to be famous or rich (although I do like nice things).


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