Worst Interview Experience

Ok, I was in my early 30s at the time and was trying to break into the then new Internet industry with a sales job.  The company HQ was in Florida, I was living in Manhattan at the time.  The first interview was a phone interview, the woman on the other end of the phone seemed very excited and wanted to schedule a trip for me to come to Florida to meet everyone in person and have a day of interviews, then fly back to NYC that evening.  Plane tickets were FedExed to me; the woman from the phone (I think she was the head of HR) was going to pick me up at the airport, go get something to eat them come to the offices.  I thought to myself on the plane “should I get something to eat first?”  I decided no because if I had it would look rude if I didn’t eat much while she was making the effort to take me out to eat.

So, the day of my interview/trip I payed the $40 (which was a lot for me back then) for a car service to the airport; sat in a middle seat for the 3 hour plane trip; instead of picking me up the head of HR asked me to take a cab directly to their office ($36 more).  Getting something to eat seemed to have been lost in the shuffle somehow.  So all day long I was light headed and met person after person after person. I don’t remember the particulars of the interviews.  The HR woman drove me to the airport, sounding all excited and said she would be in touch in a couple of days.  The paid the $40 car service or cab back to my apartment.

When I didn’t hear from her in a week I called her; she didn’t call back.  I must have called her 4 or 5 times and she never got back to me.  This of course made me furious, its not like the interview was in midtown Manhattan and she was blowing me off, I had to spend 6 hours on a plane, spend a chunk of change I couldn’t really afford and now this woman can’t even get on the phone and say thanks but no thanks.  Anyway I, being me, decided f@ck her.  I wrote her a letter asking for reimbursement of all of my expenses; I thought that was a pretty ballsy thing to do.  About a week later the check arrived, at least I wasn’t out any money.  But that was my worst experience.  Please share yours!


2 thoughts on “Worst Interview Experience

  1. Yeah that was impressive, she made me so angry for dragging me to FL then not taking my calls, so I sent an invoice. Looking back, I should have charged her for my time too 🙂

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