Drumbeat To Another War; The Disconnect In This Country Is Unacceptable.

The big news is the meeting with Obama and Bibi about Iran.  I love politics, I find it really interesting how history is actually being made in front of our eyes with decisions that are made today.  I hate politics in that politicians don’t have the good of the country as their first priority, they have their own self interest and how they can spin a story.  That to me is just horrible.  Cant we all agree on one thing, that being we want our country better for everyone living in it?  Who doesn’t want that, I mean who wouldn’t want that.  The posturing and the posing on both sides, although infinitely more on the republican side is really despicable.  The country has serious issues to deal with.  Lets start with Iran; I hear conflicting information about Iran and how close or not close they are to developing a nuclear weapon.  This should remind us of the intelligence misinformation with the Iraq war.  Also, Saddam was bluffing about having WMD why does no one think that the Iranians are doing the same thing?  We could bomb Iran (wasn’t it John McCain that sang bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran ala the Beach Boys?) From what I have heard bombing will only set them back a year or 18 months. And, even worse, it could have the effect of having the population rally around the government there.  These tough new sanctions seem to be working, but we have been hearing that for a decade.  I have heard that the cleric regime in charge of Iran are not as crazy as they seem; I also heard over the weekend (on one the Sunday talk shows) that its against Islamic law to have nuclear weapons?  Anyway I don’t know what the answer is but it saddens me to see the Republicans ridiculing everything Obama says or does.  We are one country and if they have a better idea they should consult with him, the United States of America should always be heard with one voice, one united voice.

The other issues that are facing the country are monumental.  The jobless and unemployment rate is unacceptable; the highest since the Great Depression.  If you have read my posts before you will know that I think we are in the midst of a second Great Depression.  Stimulus, the debt, educating our young people, curbing spending, reforming entitlements, changing the tax code.  Why aren’t we talking about this today, right now?  Its obvious to me, and I am not an economist, that you need to bring the country back to much higher growth in the short term and in the long term you need to set new laws to reform entitlements, lessen the debt, change the tax code.  Its an embarrassment for our country that our politicians just bicker and nitpick.  They should be meeting today, today, to implement solutions to these problems.

In my eyes everyone is to blame so lets forget about blame and stop posturing and start working on our problems.  Some people, like me for example, can’t find a job, the lack of cooperation and bipartisanship in Washington needs to be addressed ASAP.  And Barack you need to do it!


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