I’m Talking To You Barack Obama – I’ll Try Michelle Too

Let me say it as simply as I can, I think you are losing the messaging and optics of this campaign to the Republicans.  You need better spokespeople, sometimes it just seems like its you against the world.  Your advisors are all extremely intelligent I would imagine, but they are generating excitement for you.  Axelrod, Plouffe, Garret, all smart articulate and level headed, they make good points, but they also bore the audience.  You need some people with charisma to go out at state your case, talk about your accomplishments.  Think back in time to 2001 and 2003 or actually all of the Bush years; Bush had his whole crew out there pushing the wars we went into.  Cheney spoke with such conviction and authority he made you believe what he was saying.  Don Rumsfeld was also a very charismatic man who took the message of the president out there and convinced people it was true.  They both spoke with certitude and were able to convince the American people that they were right.  Even Condi being out there talking about a mushroom cloud.  My point is he not only had a team getting his message out there, the team was anything but boring or droning.  Like I said, they spoke with authority, conviction; the fact most of the things they were talking about were wrong isn’t important to what I am trying to tell you.

Why isn’t your team out there?  Why isn’t Hillary talking about Syria on the Sunday shows, talking about Iran, talking about the new sanctions; reassuring people our siding with Israel.  Why isn’t Penetta out there talking about what is going on at the Pentagon, the spectacular finding and killing of Osama bin Laden; why isn’t he talking about the drones that have been so effective, why isn’t he making the case that you, Mr. Obama, are fighting a much more intelligent and successful war or terror than W did?  Why aren’t the Sunday shows filled with non partisan economist who could tell the American people what would have happened if there was no 2009 stimulus, or if TAARP never happened, or if the auto bailouts never happened.  The economy is not strong and the Republicans are saying you have no leadership and blaming the slow recovery on you, and you are letting them.

I would get everyone out there talking up what you have done, what would have happened if you didnt do what you did.  I would get some people or one person with some charisma, enthusiasm, and authority to go out and talk about your record and your vision for your second term.  Like I said, the people you have might be intelligent but they aren’t convincing.  Don’t be painted into a corner, you set the tone and get a team around you.  It can’t be just you.  If you want more info email me!


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