Kick Ass Traffic!

I was really surprised when I looked at the traffic of my blog and it was the highest its ever been, thats an accomplishment for me; I like the thought of people reading what I am writing, maybe getting something out of it maybe having it spark a nerve, or maybe having my posts be something you hadn’t thought about before, or thought about in the way I am talking about them.  I think its funny, people have asked me if I used to be a journalist before and no, I never have been a journalist.  I think thats one of my challenges in finding a job or a “career” in that I have talents that cross a wide variety of spectrums.  They don’t fit into a neat little box.  So, this post is to thank everyone for staying tuned and reading my posts.   I have gotten some positive, some negative, I like both… you don’t learn from people just praising you.  The other day I had someone tell me I was too negative about unemployment.  I liked hearing that because it made me question if I am too negative about it.  Somewhere down deep I know I will bounce back and do very well from this temporary setback.  However, being unemployed, having all day to either “be productive” or “dwell in negativity” is a big challenge because i vacillate back and forth.  This blog has been extremely helpful for me to vent, to talk and hopefully be listened to.  The point of this blog if not financial, I don’t want people paying me for what I can offer, I want to build a group of people with similar challenges and issues.

Back to the extremely high traffic, I love it.  Please keep reading, send responses, negative or positive.  Feel free to give me topics to talk about.  In the meantime, this is  a very challenging time.  For those of us who don’t have jobs, don’t have incomes its hard.  Very hard.  For those that are employed and walking on egg shells, that sucks too.  Lets keep an open dialogue.  Tell me what you think and I’ll tell you what I think.


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