Is The United States Really A Democracy?

Our first gut response to that question is, yes of course we are.  But think about it deeper, and on so many levels.  Start with me, I am from Massachusetts and I now live in New York; whomever I vote for in a presidential election won’t matter, since they are both “blue states” and will always vote for the democrat.  Yes, I know primaries can give me more of a voice, as also local elections; but I am talking more about the Presidential election.  So, me personally, my vote does not count.  I think its time to do away with the electoral college; I think its time has passed and is no longer serving our country well.  Each and every persons vote should matter, the people should vote for the President, not the states.  Secondly, and this has bothered me a long time, the order of the primary states.  Since the order is the same people are probably already in NH buttering them up for the 2016 race.  Why should NH and Iowa have first dibs on their voice being heard.  I don’t think they are a good representation of this country and it also gives the candidates plenty of time to go to each of the first battle ground states.  So, I would like to have this schedule changed.  How would I change it?  By a lottery system; what if January 1st, (2 years before each election cycle) a literal lottery is done to decide the order of the primary states.  I think it would be much healthier to hear other peoples/states opinions and make the whole system more fair.  Add that to the elimination of the electoral college and you would have citizens better able to see and judge their primary candidates and to ultimately pick a president that is more representative of the entire country’s views. Right now we hear loud clashing voices, mostly on the right, some on the left, and those few voices are what can set the tone and demeanor in Washington.  Well, what if those loud voices are 4% of the population and the other 96% of the people want a government that works together, compromises, and actually gets things done?  I think there is so much potential in this country but so much time is wasted pandering to certain groups.  This would be lessened or stopped if we changed the primaries and eliminated the electoral college.  Races for the Senate and House also need to be changed; all of this redistricting is time wasting and bitterly partisan.  Another note, I would like to see voting made easier in this country; get the vote up to 80 or 90%.  How?  Make it easier for people to vote; why not vote on your iPhone, I am sure there can be some way to make it happen.  Vote online; vote by mail.  All of these suggestions would make the U.S.A. a true democracy and have a much more effective government.


3 thoughts on “Is The United States Really A Democracy?

  1. Also lots of good points, being from CA, we would have a strong influence on elections. A lottery is an excellent idea for the primary schedule

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