Political Orientation – The Government AND The Media Are Failing Us

You have sexual orientation, gender identity, what about a new term – political orientation?  I don’t know about you but when I think of myself I don’t automatically think Independent, I think American.  I don’t understand why more people aren’t like me and think of what would be the best thing for themselves and the country itself rather than trying to be a Republican or Democrat?  I find it inconceivable that people agree with all of the platforms of either party.  I also think for the most part all Americans want the same things.  Lets think what everyone would want and agree to (remember Reagan said go for 80%):

A good paying job

The economy to be better, growing, producing more jobs

Healthcare for all

Equality for all

A balanced budget

Reducing and eliminating the country’s debt

Being energy efficient – not having to import any oil from anywhere in the world

Having a government that deals with the peoples problems and finds solutions for them

I am sure I have left out many, but right now I see Washington as a kindergarten, “he said this” “they said that”.  Even Barbara Bush came out and said she is appalled by Washington today and that compromise is a not a dirty word.  I think most of the problems have come from the Tea Party Republicans; in their quest to reduce spending they have not compromised on anything.  Their lack of compromise, especially with the debt ceiling, actually hurt our economy and slowed our growth.  Yes the goal can be to reduce spending but when to do it is the key to having a recovery (not stopping it in its tracks), and when to put in place the reductions in spending.  To me its disgraceful that the Tea Party’s lack of compromise probably cost a lot of people their jobs; and equally outrageous is that the Democrats let this happen so they would score political points.

Where are the grown ups?  Where are the people who can actually analyze how bad this economy was in 08/09; to evaluate the effectiveness of the stimulus, TARRP and the Auto bailouts.  Why isn’t the news media researching this, why can’t they find non partisan experts to evaluate how bad the situation was, and why its taking so long to dig out of it.  Rather than just playing the blame game in Washington, why not learn everything thats needed to know and talk from a point of fact.  So when Rick Santurom says the growth numbers are ‘anemic’ we can analyze if he is right or just playing politics.  If we knew more facts we could get the economy going more, then there would be more money to reduce the debt and deficit.

Today are the Sunday Talk Shows which I enjoy watching; although I am not really sure why I enjoy them since they are pretty much just an outlet for the campaigns to give their talking points and for the media to make headlines.  Again, this is disgraceful.  Why not have some media research done on single payer health plans, find out if its true that they could insure everyone and save $400 billion a year at  the same time; and more importantly who would have to OK the medical decisions.  Why don’t they have economists who can say this is why so much money is being spent; so they can stop calling Obama the big spender.  Why can’t they call Obama out on the Simpson Bowles commission and why it was ignore.  Grown ups are what we need now, because as I said earlier I think we all pretty much want the same thing, a strong thriving America.  Isn’t that more important than being a hard line R or D?  Don’t you want more facts so you can decide for yourself who is telling the truth?  The government is failing us.  The media is not doing its job.  Am I alone in my thinking?


4 thoughts on “Political Orientation – The Government AND The Media Are Failing Us

  1. I wish more people felt like you did, we need individual thinking, more from government more from media. no more games

  2. Excellent points, I think people do want the same things right or left. And now no one is getting anything they want!

  3. I think the media does a shitty job, they should uncover stuff like the examples you gave above. Then they turn it into a he said she said fight to see who will win; not to inform!

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