Question Everything – Why, What, How?

I am the kind of person who does question everything, some people think thats a negative trait, I think its a realistic way to live.  In my last job, selling print and digital advertising solutions for a global well known brand, the people in charge (mgrs) would always come up with new ways to cash in on our brand; a new section, a new insert, a new anything to get advertisers to spend more.  I always asked why, why would such+such advertiser want to be in that section; instead of the normal response which would have been “why do you think that” or “lets talk it out” I was labelled as negative for even bringing up the fact advertisers wouldn’t like the section.  The, for a double whammy when no one would buy into the section I would be told I wasn’t selling hard enough.  In business always think like the end user, what will they want, and in your head ask why for them. Why is this good for them.

Others Whys; Why does Mitt Romney talk about bombing Iran and say that the President isn’t imposing tough sanctions on Iran.  Then in the next breath he complains about oil prices.  Does he not know that Obama has put in place the most crippling of sanctions on Iran ever imposed?  Does he not know that threatening war with Iran will destabilize the oil markets, thus raising the price of crude oil and in turn raising gas prices.  Of course he knows all of this, how stupid, or uninformed are the citizens of this country.  How uninformed are we?  Why don’t people know these things?  Why doesn’t the media do their homework and ask him these questions?   Why is Rick Santorum telling us he only has sex for procreation?  He picks and chooses which of the churches doctrines to follow and which not to follow.  Why would anyone want to discourage birth control or sex education for the young?  This could cut down on single parents, poverty, and abortions.  Family Values, why blame gay people, why not talk directly to the str8 people who make a mockery of marriage.

My ‘Why’ questions can, and do, go on forever.  Like I have said before, I think most people in this country are lead around like sheep, living their lives as they were laid out for them by their parents or society.  Its the very few people that question everything.  People who question the status quo tend to be leaders.  My question for this morning is Why can’t I find some sort of business venture to lead, to ask why.  Anyone have any ideas?


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