Submitting Resumes + Executive Recruiters – Time Wasters?

This is a question I have been asking myself recently, just how many resumes can I send out with little or no reaction.  Actually what almost always happens is I send out a bunch of resumes, I get calls from Executive Recruiters; they typically want to have at length conversations, which is fine.  Then many want me to fill out a 10 page document going over recent “wins” my strengths, awards I have received; stuff they should be doing as they talked to me in the first place.  In a way the E/R are in the same position I am; they earn their money by placing candidates in jobs, so the harder they push a candidate like me to go interview somewhere the more likely they are to make a commission.  Except, most of them just try to push you into the job opening, instead of seeing if the job opening is a good fit.  I can’t tell you the countless hours I have wasted talking to E/Rs.  The ones here in NYC also immediately want to meet you, like they have a quota or something.  Meeting is of course a bigger waster of time since it involves putting on a suit and going into Manhattan (We live in Brooklyn) then having a 10 minute conversation, then never hearing back from them again.  You might be thinking that I am complaining about getting responses from my resume; yes I am! ha!  Seriously though, I have just seen it happen too many times with E/Rs where they aren’t even able to secure an interview with the hiring company.  If they had done their homework they might have realized I wasn’t a good fit for the hiring company and not wasted my time or theirs.  This has happened to me over 50 times so I know what I am talking about.

It seems I am over qualified for most of the job openings I see listed.  When job openings say they require 1 – 3 years experience some one with over 15 years of digital advertising experience need not apply.  As I have mentioned before I do think there is age discrimination for people over 40, over 50 etc.  So back to my original question, just how many resumes can you send out without saying NO MORE!  I haven’t reached that point yet, underneath all of my cynicism I am actually an optimist and think things will work out for the best.  I don’t know if there is a place for me in Corporate America.  The qualities I excel at don’t really fit into one job description.  I have 25+ years of excellent sales experiences, selling double/triple people I had been working with; I have excellent strategy skills, strategy for both how to create a product people will want, and how to position it so people will buy it.  I have excellent relationship building and managing skills; maybe of my clients go back over a decade.  With this blog I am hearing that I write well and have a voice.  This leaves self employed careers as an option, being a career coach, a life coach, a sales consultant.  Yes, these are all options.  If anyone out there is reading this and liking what they are reading and are hiring feel free to contact me or throw a suggestion my way, I’d love that!  So, I have not reached the no more resume point, yet!


4 thoughts on “Submitting Resumes + Executive Recruiters – Time Wasters?

  1. Executive recruiters are like used car salesmen and resumes sent online no one looks at. The only way to get employed is to either know someone or start your own business. Good luck!

  2. I must agree with both of you, I have had nothing but bad experiences with executive recruiters and submitting resumes online.

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