How To Improve Company Culture, Employees Job Satisfaction While Boosting Profits

Someone gave me some excellent advice yesterday saying “share your knowledge, not your need” sounds simple enough but its actually deep and profound!  I think most of us go through our lives seeking out fulfillment of needs that weren’t met in their lives.  Either their need to succeed, need for acknowledgement, need to be liked, etc.  How all of this fits into the workplace is something I have always been interested in.  I saw a post yesterday about what could be done with an employee with a bad attitude, could they be helped or were they a lost cause.  From my experience the bad attitude comes from the top, the company culture; the bad attitude affects everything about peoples jobs and ultimately the bottom line of the company.  I have worked in ‘Corporate America’ for over 20 years and the things I have seen are astounding.  The recent incident at Goldman is what brought company culture to mind this morning, but for a different reason.  My talking about it has to do with how you can make a company more productive and have employees enjoy their jobs more.

I mentioned some of the things I have seen in my experiences; most have specifically to do with people trying to get ahead or in recent years trying to keep their jobs.  These people don’t have the company’s best interest at heart they have their own.  This might sound obvious to most people.  I think there is a way to have people have their own and the company’s best interest (profit) at the same time.  Achieving this would take a very strong leader as well as one that was dedicated to changing company cultures.  Its very simple actually, unhappy workers will be less productive than happy ones; how do you make workers happy?  How do you use leadership to change a company’s culture, make employees happier, more productive and give them a clear path for success?  I can tell you from many years of experience no one thinks of the big picture; no matter what company I have worked at the managers, directors, VPs, SVPs etc have never once shown an interest in making a more positive company culture.  I think this is so serious it could severely reduce American productivity.  Just like insurance companies like to have no cost ‘preventative’ treatments companies should do the same.

I have  a million ideas on how this could be changed, in fact I one of the things I am considering is starting a business that directly addresses company culture.  It has to start all the way at the top; and that person at the top needs to be smart enough to see the bigger picture of how a positive company culture will in the end be more profitable for their company.


7 thoughts on “How To Improve Company Culture, Employees Job Satisfaction While Boosting Profits

  1. I wish you would make a company to deal with these issues; I work in a Fortune 100 company and its complete torture

  2. I wish my company would try to improve the corporate culture, its so miserable there no one is happy and hearing “you are lucky to have a job” only goes so far

  3. Again some great points, I had never thought there could be a direct correlation between a company’s culture and their profits. Well done!

  4. I hadn’t thought of any of this, all good points and all true. CEO’s probably think everything is hunky dory so they might not want to change a thing.

  5. They all play together and snowball off of each other, a company’s culture, how much their employees enjoy their jobs, and the bottom line profits!

  6. Lack of concern for morale is shocking. It seems so obvious and yet it is constantly ignored. What? Someone is unhappy? Let them find another job. No thought goes into the cost of acquiring and training said employee, just to lose them and start all over again, and again, and again. Such a waste of money and company resources AND talent. This happens in academia too, not just the corporate world. Believe me. I know.

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