Time To Change The Mission In Afghanistan

Has the world turned upside down?  When I saw in yesterdays news that ‘President’ Karzai was demanding that all US troops go back to their bases; I was shocked, utterly shocked.  The United States of America and its Military do not take instructions from anyone but the Commander in Chief or his appointed Generals.  Earlier in the day I read that the Taliban had called off talks with the U.S.A.; a known terrorist group says they don’t want to talk to the most powerful country on earth?  After the burning, accidental burning, of some Koran’s 6 US military and civilians working to make it better in Afghanistan are shot dead at point blank range.  Then one wonders why the next day an American soldier loses it and goes out and shoots 16 innocent Afghans?  Now, in no way am I saying their killing was justified.

Now take a step back and look at all of this internal (American and Afghan) game changing events.  Its my opinion that we have the wrong mission in Afghanistan.  We talk about not being able to leave because al-qaeda might come back; al-qaeda are like roaches, they will be back, in fact they are everywhere.  President Obama has brilliantly used the drone program to eliminate many terrorists and people that are a threat to the US; he has used this approach much better than W. did.  The mission to leave some sort of stabilized government and population in Afghanistan in my opinion is impossible.  The Afghans are in the 8th Century, we can’t bring them to the 21st Century; even if we stayed there forever.  Vice President Biden’s plan was what we should have done and what we should immediately do now.  Change this mission to counter-terrorism.  This way 10 or 20,000 troops can be there, the drones can be there and we can protect our interests.  Our interests are the safety of our homeland and the crushing of terrorist groups.  Its time for strong leadership, its time to change the mission, its time to bring the other 80,000 Americans home.  It obviously can’t be done so we look weak or like we are running away; it must be done in strength.



2 thoughts on “Time To Change The Mission In Afghanistan

  1. You make some very good points Andrew. I don’t know if Obama is up to the task of changing the mission. As you said Biden was right all along. Change our Mission!

  2. George Bush stopped paying attention there in 2003 for his pet project of Iraq. They haven’t shown they want a democracy in 10 years. You can bring a horse to water but can’t make him drink…

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