Adriano Goldschmied vs 7 For All Mankind

‘If we took a holiday, just one day out of life; it would be so nice.’ So, today is partly a holiday for me, my birthday is coming up Saturday so the celebration always starts early.  Today I was in SoHo in lower Manhattan with a life altering dilemma.  For those of you that are not intimately familiar with the names above they are better known as AGs and 7s; both premium denim.  I like both brands, which is kind of not true.  7s are ok, I love AG.  So, I have the newest of the new washes, The Geffen 17 year button fly.  I love them and am very pleased!

What does all of this have to do with work, unemployment, politics, and all of the other stuff I normally talk about on here?  A lot actually.  First off, you really do have to take a day off, an afternoon off.  Clear your head and get out of your own bubble.  Things always do look more clear in the morning.  Secondly, sometimes looking good makes you feel even better.  Those wearing ‘Mom’ jeans should take note (you too Barack); they don’t cut it anymore.  You do have to have things in life that you like, you can’t be a robot going from one meeting to the next; writing down 4 ways of doing this, 6 ways of doing that.  As the icon herself said you need a holiday.  Oh, and thirdly, maybe most importantly, you need a job, a good paying job to afford jeans (oops, its denim) like these!  So take some time off, clear your head, find something you really like, want or enjoy and find a way to get it.  Maybe not today, but give yourself an extra treat.


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