Where Are The Jobs?

The last three months there have been over 200,000 jobs created per month, thats excellent considering where we are coming from.  The Weekly Jobless Claims have been falling and are now at 348,000; anything under 400,000 is considered good.  Weekly Jobless Claims are the number of people who file for unemployment; when the number is lower it shows that fewer companies are laying people off; and quite possibly hiring.  The press seems to be on the band wagon; things are getting better is what I keep hearing.  I just saw a headline from Smart Money saying ‘Is job security returning?’  And here I sit combing websites, company sites and job boards, and I see nothing in NYC.  My ‘trade’ is sales, I have worked about 25 years since college primarily in sales related jobs.  Sales means more than selling, it means developing relationships with people, finding ways to get meetings with strangers, finding the best way to position your product, to show it in its best light.  You have to have the personality and disposition the smarts for making people have what you want.  I should also mention here, un modestly, that I have always done extremely well in sales; always blew away my competition.  But here I sit and see no jobs.

I think this financial crisis that we have gone through has affected people in 2 ways; you lost your job or you didn’t.  People who didn’t lose their jobs are probably feeling more optimistic about their futures; they probably also see their clients as being more optimistic and hopefully spending more.  Those of us in the other group, the ones that lost our jobs, through no fault of our own, see things differently.  Its hard to be optimistic when you aren’t seeing any jobs, any new jobs advertised.  Its hard to be optimistic when in an interview someone says to you, ‘yes I see you are good at sales, but you haven’t sold this exact product that we offer’  Its hard to be optimistic when you hear on the news that the longer you are unemployed the less of a chance you will be rehired anywhere.  So, I will end with my question of, where are the jobs?


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