The Lack of Intelligence in Todays Media

So, today I was going to write about the media until the AP story got my blood boiling and I put it on my blog, since they were stating exactly what I am feeling.  They are professional writers, I am not.  Maybe you can’t tell the difference, that would be a nice compliment for me.  Anyway this morning I was thinking about the media, none of that BS like its the liberal elite media or anything like that, just the media sources I watch and the kind of news and information they deliver.  I tend to watch CNN a lot because its always on and can serve as background noise.  I have to single out Wolf Blitzer as being one of the most annoying and worst people in the news.  He is so breathless, so over animated over nothing.  Who ever told CNN to start saying that they are the ‘Best Political Team on TV’ should be fired.   That statement is so condescending to the audience and so self promotional it makes you wish O’Reilly was on 24/7.  Also with Wolf, the constant ‘great reporting job’ he says to anyone who gives him a report, its nauseating.  And his constant mention of his blog.  Isn’t there some kind of news/commercial ratio that is in place on tv?  Not to mention the cross promotion of whats on HBO, their ‘sister’ network.  It really makes u lose all respect for CNN for being that blatant, that desperate and that lacking in morals to hear him constantly self promote.  Also, why does CNN have ‘Breaking News’ that I had read about 3 hours earlier on my iPhone?

Another person in the media I dislike is David Gregory; I do not think he asks questions to find out substance, he asks questions so scoops will be on his show.  Why he was named Tim Russert’s successor is beyond a mystery to me.  I really didn’t care for Russert’s style either, putting up old quotes and saying ‘you said this then, and now you say something else….’  I think George Stephenopolous gives a great interview.  I think Candy Crowley also gives a great interview.  As I have said in the past on this blog, why are the interviewers asking questions just so politicians can go over all their talking points.  Which reminds me, I think Chris Wallace also gives a tough and fare interview and is amongst the best of them.  A question for any of the Sunday shows, or ever weekday interview (Wolf):  ‘You don’t like Obama-Care what would you replace it with?’ Do you think everyone should have health insurance?  How do we lower the costs of health care.  Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, what about a  debate on the best way to accomplish that?  Healthcare is a key issue and should be at the top of all politicians plans for the future.  That doesn’t mean that one person, Mr. Obama, has the complete answer. It will take an act of working together, using lots of ideas to have better healthcare at lower costs.

Another question never asked by the media; what would have happened in 2008/2009 without the bailouts, TARRP, stimulus and auto bailouts.  The republicans love to blame the president for unprecedented spending, but what would have happened without that spending.  D’s and R’s have their talking points and spin points; I believe its the media that needs to do some research and say, without TARRP we’d be here ____, without stimulus we’d be here ____… and to ask the politicians point blank if thats where they want to see the country now.  I do think the media has to play the median arbitrating player; they need to ask the tough questions and not let either party out of answering.

I believe the media has let us down.  They haven’t informed us of what exactly is going on, what effects the actions we have taken have had.   Would it have been worse, would it have been better?  We, the American people need theses questions answered before we can decide.  So NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN do a better job of asking the right questions and stop looking for scoops.  We can’t fix our problems if we don’t know what caused them.


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