They Say It’s Your Birthday..

Yes, and today is mine.  Birthdays have always been a weird mix of emotions for me.  You want people to remember, but if they make too much of a production then I feel like an idiot for people making such a fuss.  I don’t really like being the center of attention.  So, what do I want for my birthday aside from world peace?  Lots of stuff; the new iPad, those nicer Apple earbuds, another shirt with my name on the back; maybe a new flatscreen TV (are they ever going to be integrated?), a new iMac would be fun, maybe I’d like a macbook air.  A job.

Every time I think of each of those things I realize, they are just things and things aren’t really important.  What is important is a friend emailing a last week asking when about 6 or 7 friends could take me out to lunch.  I have a niece and nephew I think the world of, getting a happy birthday text from them makes my day.  Getting texts from other friends is perfect, a nice way to remember someone without making a big scene.  And, of course, my husband of 19 years (ok its only been legal in NY for 4 months) and I will go out and have a nice mellow dinner including sushi then some cake. Its the personal interactions that really matter not the material ones.

Now, I am not a pollyanna or unrealistic.  If you held a gun to my head an insisted on buying me stuff, see the list above.  I’d enjoy any of the stuff in the first paragraph – but  the personal interaction is better!


2 thoughts on “They Say It’s Your Birthday..

  1. Hey Allan, great hearing from you. That pic is actually from this past summer at Cape Cod, my niece was here last week having interviews, she graduates this year. She plans on moving to NYC after college… now I just have to get my brother and nephew here too, which will be an impossible accomplishment. Anyway I hope all is going well with you and your family.. let me know when u are going to be in the city next we should have drinks and catch up. Not sure how u found my blog, but keep reading, and feel free to comment or disagree with anything I say. ANDG

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