Health Care – Why Is This Such A Loaded Issue

Yesterday I say the President’s top advisor, David Plouffe, on all the Sunday talk shows.  First off, as I have mentioned many times Obama’s advisors are horrible spokespeople, too staid, too professorial, no emotion; and horrible messaging.  But, that is another post, because not one of them is good.  Mr. Plouffe was asked on each show about ‘Obama Care’ and he triumphantly said Americans will love it; he had the same 3 talking points on each show.  We will love it because:

1.  Preexisting Conditions – Insurance Companies will no longer be able to deny you coverage if you have a preexisting condition.

2. People up to the age of 26 can stay on their parents plans.

3. Something about elders saving $600 per year on medicine.

Ok, this isn’t enough to convince me this plan is a game changer; this is a start but why is it all so muddled up?  Somethings have already started, some go into effect in 203 and 2014.  What are those things?  How will costs be lowered?  Whats the goal, insure everyone or lower costs, or both?  To me, to date, I have not heard much of anything impressive about his plan.  What happens with people like me who are unemployed?  Why is  this all that the administration has said about their plan?  You hear the Republicans screaming bloody murder about how the plan will bankrupt America; thats the message you hear, not what good the program will do.  Are we not bright enough to understand what your plan includes Mr. Obama?

Now on to  the Republicans, all you  hear from them is they want to over turn all of Obama Care; ok then what?  Back to rapidly rising costs, people not having insurance, insurance companies getting to call the shots?  Whats your plan?  All I have heard from the R’s is that they want to make insurance something you can buy across state lines.  Ok, that sounds good to me, why not?  But thats also not a plan.

The major question is, is do both sides want a health care plan or not?  If not, that is disgraceful that both sides wouldn’t want to make sure every citizen has healthcare available and affordable.  If both sides do want health care why not sit down and work it out.  Rather than spend energy trying to repeal Obama’s plan, why not start with it and make it better?  Add in buying across state lines if that helps.  Don’t members of Congress have some kind of health care system where they can choose the plan they want, from the provider they want?  Why can’t we all have that?

As far as the individual mandate goes everyone must pay their own way.  Thats not an infringement on civil liberties, thats bullshit.  Everyone must pay.  Maybe a 2% (or more?) tax increase on everyones taxes to cover the costs.  This controversy is an embarrassment to our Country; each and every one of us should want everyone to have healthcare.  The goals should be to have everyone have it and to lower costs, add competition.  Maybe the single payer option?

Everyone is not entitled to drive a Mercedes Benz; everyone is entitled to health care.


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