Linked In Needs To Be Replaced – I Am The Person To Do It

Someone tweeted something about Linked In this morning that caught my eye and I realized I have never broached the subject on here.  I hate Linked In; I think its a horrible website, poor user interface, extremely poor job searching mechanism.  Their worst offense in my opinion is that every time you apply for a job a message flashes up  saying ‘if you pay $29 per month’ your resume will go to the top of the pile and have better visibility.  To me this is the lowest form of sleazy profiteering off the backs of the people who can least afford it.  When you look at the unprecedented numbers of unemployed people and people losing their homes; these are the people you want to charge?  To me this is repugnant, preying on the weakest people.  You have no privacy on Linked In; if I feel like adding something to my profile the update message goes out to the entire feed – even though i did change the settings so that wouldn’t happen, it still does.  The one good thing about the site is that you can keep track of colleagues even if they have switched jobs, or moved.

Sometimes I wonder who is reading what I am writing, I saw this morning 14 people from India were reading it which I think is great!  If there are any ‘Angels’ or VC people reading this I’d like your help.  I’d like to create an improved jobs networking site that addresses all of the weaknesses of Linked In.  I feel like with the right vision (mine) and enough capital (yours) we could create a much improved site and wipe them off the map.  This could be done, our world is changing so quickly that here today, gone tomorrow.  Think about how practically overnight the spectacularly successful and popular website My Space was replaced by Facebook.  Linked In needs to go, someone help me do it!


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