Lots of Advice and Lots of Stuff…

So, all day I have been having trouble getting into my account here to write a blog posting.  Its kinda funny how the people that design websites are never the ones that use them so thats always an issue with usability and user interface.  I am not the type to look in a users guide or anything, if things aren’t easily understandable I move on to another site, or product.  If u have to read the owners manual that means the company hasn’t done their job properly.

So todays posting, actually observation, because I feel like what I do is have opinions on whats going on every day.  For me the unemployment thing still sucks, but how often can u talk about  that?  The healthcare debate does floor me because we are all talking about the wrong things; if Obama’s plan doesn’t work or isn’t good enough, make a better plan.  Talking about the individual mandate is boring.  And people like Sarah Palin who ridicule Michelle Obama because she tries to get people to eat healthier is just beyond belief.  Mrs. Obama is suggesting what people do, not dictating, and we all know of course, she is right.  Please, we are an obese nation and a little words of wisdom from the first lady should be nothing but admired.  Not necessarily followed, tried to follow though.

So aside from all that today Thursday March 29, 2012, 5 days after my birthday, there really is no earth shattering news to update everyone on.  Although, one thing I do dislike is all of the positive upbeat people on twitter, who rehash every cliche in the book, I find that annoying.  Yes, try your hardest, but it doesn’t always work.  ‘Thinking positively’ doesn’t always work either.  It more like we need to think realistically as to where we are, where we want to go, and where we can realistically go.  So, in conclusion, have fun, trying what u can and life takes you where it takes you.  Sometimes that quick bit of luck changes everything.  Feel good about what you do.


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