MDNA Molly Madge — From Me to you Madonna

Ok I guess its up to me to set the record straight or at least to comment on it.  Ok, call me  an old foggy  but I didn’t know MDMA was and Molly were nicknames for drugs.  I thought Madonna was being cool, in the twitter age to shorten her name and be fun.  Her talking about drugs with comedy is totally wrong.  I love and grew up with Madonna but, don’t ever encourage people to do any drugs, ever.  So I really think she was wrong for that; but I think its something a bit deeper with our friend MDNA.   Maybe its true that people in show business or performers want attention and always need attention and need to be loved.  If you are reading this Madonna, you changed the world, you redefined feminism, you are an absolute icon.  I read a review of her recent album that was talking about some of the songs; sorry, you can’t just Madonna like you judge other people.  She actually did change the world, she changed how women are perceived, she changed what a woman in charge is, she rewrote the rules.  All of them!  I think she elevated women more then anyone, maybe even more then Gloria herself.  The thing is she doesn’t know it.  She doesn’t know she is an icon.  She doesn’t know she is an inspiration to all.

Her lyrics, her focus is what the world concentrated on.  Her influence is unmeasurable.   She changed everything.  I grew up in the Madonna years, and she greatly influenced my life.  Her message was, go for and get anything you want.  You are an individual and you deserve credit for your thoughts, ambitions and life.  I remember back in the day when it was embarrassing to say you liked Madonna.  Now many years later I do think that she is one of the few who made her distinct mark on the world.  But, Madonna, between you and me, you are an icon, stop trying to be 20 years old, stop referencing drugs, stop wearing a leotard.  You are a world class icon, start acting like one.


2 thoughts on “MDNA Molly Madge — From Me to you Madonna

    1. I didn’t know it was a drug either until I read it in the Huffington Post, it might be MDNA. Evidentially ‘Molly’ is also slang for the drug; I think its some for of ecstasy.

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