Reading the autopsy report of Whitney Houston this morning was so sad; all the drugs that she had been doing for years, the white powder found in her room on a spoon and a mirror, cocaine, xanax and many other drugs found in her body.  Such a waste, such a loss, not because she was a superstar but because she was a person, a mother, daughter and her music made many people happy — I am not one of them, I never enjoyed her music.  But my thoughts now are about addiction; from what I have seen people have strong addictions, sometimes they change them from something bad (drugs, alcohol) to something good (over achieving, working out).  But at the core of the behavior is addiction.  Is addiction an illness, an extra gene?  For Whitney she battled it for almost 20 years, is there something inside of some of us who can’t break the addiction cycle?   And, if she, or anyone else, went to the gym every day instead of doing hard drugs are they the same thing, addiction?

This is a subject that really interests me, addiction.  You hear/read about women who are obese have that surgery, lose a ton of weight, but then they change their addiction from food to sex or alcohol.  But, at the core, its all about addiction.  I can’t say I have really been addicted to anything in my life, I guess I have other issues like anxiety.  I just wonder if addiction is the problem and what you are addicted to is secondary; is there a cure for addiction?  Is it curable or is it like everything else like depression, anxiety, etc where its manageable.  You have an addictive personality so you try to steer your addiction to something thats good for you, something thats healthy and steer away from things that can kill you or gambling that can make u lose your money.

Whitney was a tragedy, that we all saw coming.  I do wish her death would turn into a national conversation about addiction.  About someone who tried many times to get off drugs but was unable.  Like I said in a previous posting I would love to see a Whitney Houston Center, similar to the Betty Ford Center.  I’d like to see other people learn from what happened to her; not just the famous, or the down and out, but everyone.  I know Cissy isn’t reading this, but if anyone knows her ask her to create a center honoring her daughter and teaching people about addiction.


3 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. I too have been concerned about the increase in weight-loss surgery (or more accurately eating control surgery.) No doubt many benefit from the surgery, but there does not seem to be a standard of care for support. Obsessive behavior (which may be at the root of the obesity) has a cause, If the origin of the behavior is not addressed the results of the surgery can be disappointing and even catastrophic. For many people, being suddenly cut-off from something that has been very important to them is simply devastating.
    Eating disorders are the most complicated to treat as there is no going “cold turkey.”

    But to the question of addiction as disease. I tend to shy away from a definitive answer. I do worry that by calling a behavior a disease we might be encouraging victimization and/or passivity. One thing that I will say definitively about addiction is that it’s not the substance that is so enthralling, it’s that life without it is unbearable. I wrote a piece about rehabilitation awhile ago

    1. You make some excellent points, I especially like what you said about its not the substance that people are addicted to its the thought of not using the substance would make life unbearable. Your article was great too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, please keep coming back, I always like hearing intelligent responses!

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