Did You Always Know You’d Succeed?

I feel like I have always known my whole life that I would be successful; I wasn’t sure what form that would take or when it would happen, but I always knew.  I knew I had some kind of special voice or message to bring to people; in the back of my mind I have always known this.  This might sound funny coming from someone who has been unemployed 2 years, sees little change in the short term and someone who has a knack for self destructive behavior.  But I still have this feeling deep inside that I just haven’t found my outlet yet.  In my years since college I worked at various sales jobs and always was the highest seller, brought in the most revenue, was the person the clients liked dealing with most.  My last job was a 12 year stint at a global media news outlet where I exceeding all of my goals, won every contest, bonded with clients, ad agency people.  So, if I was so good why did I get laid off?  I was a casualty of the financial depression.  And if I am so good, why haven’t I found a job yet?  Because I haven’t decided what direction I want to go in.

But I still know that I can change the world.  Madonna came to NY to be a dancer, she just tried singing to pay the bills.  Then it was singing that gave her the success and platform to change the world.  Oprah  has always said she is here to fulfill a mission to teach people how to have better lives.  Whitney Houston was a singer at 14; I think she was unhappy with the ‘image’ the record label made for her so she got sidetracked.  But her voice was an inspiration to all.  Now, I am not comparing myself to Oprah, Whitney and Madonna; what I am saying is that they all changed the world.  Its very frustrating for me not to know what direction my life is going to take.  Its hard not being in control of it; its up to hiring managers to hire me to make my next move.

Why do I think I am different than other people?  I can feel and see it.  Mainly I look at things in a different way than most people do.  I look at something and evaluate it 360 degrees whereas I think most people just take things at face value.  I seem to have good instincts as to what people will want, what they will pay for and what they will find useless.  I find so many of the tweets funny, ‘5 ways of doing this’ ‘3 tips for standing out’ its like an endless barrage of BS.

Anyway, deep down I know I will succeed and have a voice in the future.  I am not talking about fame or fortune, I am talking about the ability to change how people see, react to and can change their lives and the world itself.  For now, I will have to wait patiently, but knowing it will happen.


2 thoughts on “Did You Always Know You’d Succeed?

  1. So, agreed. . .there is a lot of BS filling up the tweets and posts these days about how to handle the employment and economic crisis. . .so how do you sort the “noise” from the “news”? And what would you say to those who don’t feel that they are successful?

  2. I think you missed the point of the posting, the piece is about self confidence, inner faith and optimism for the future. To answer your questions algorithms are the only way to tell whats noise from whats news. To those who don’t feel successful I’d say you can always change tracks and do something else.

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