AndrewSGinsburg Blog, The Future of Social Media, Modern Day Gold Rush

I started writing this blog in February because I was curious to see what its like sharing and chronicling this time in my life and I always wanted to know if any of the knowledge and experience would be useful to others.  I’ve been warned by professionals that writing a blog while searching for a job is a risky thing to do, having too much information about me that future employers can read.  I’ve always ‘changed the names to protect the innocent’ so I figure I am ok; plus I have never been one to follow the rules I like to make up my own and prove other people wrong.  So, fast forward to mid April, I am still unemployed but I am really loving the blogging and the tweeting.  The response to my blog has been so overwhelmingly positive its really blown me away.  I’ve had people I don’t know, or know from online, give really in-depth detailed responses to some of my posts; showing they read (and probably) re-read the post a few times before responding.   The other thing that has caught me by complete surprise is that my blog is read around the world, not just the US and UK but also India, Indonesia, The Russian Federation, The Republic of Korea, Ghana, Japan, Hungry, Turkey, Latvia, the list goes on and on.  I had no idea my words would be of interest to people around the world like this.  I thank you all and hope you keep on coming back, even recruiters!

The point of my writing today is not to pat myself on the back, my point in writing is that there is so much information out there, so many tweets, so many blogs, so many links.  Who has time to read them all.  Are they of any use?  Are they just tweets of the front page article on the NYT, WSJ?  I find this time so interesting because the future of social media is evolving right in front of us; its future will depend on how all this information can be monitized.  It reminds me of the early days of the internet when no one knew what form it would take.  Certainly no one knew it would bring down newspapers, books and now even Best Buy is in serious turmoil because people are buying online more than in stores.  So where there is profit to be made will form the future of social media; if I wasn’t unemployed I’d find this a really exciting time where history is really being made right here as we speak.

So the future is up for grabs; maybe one day I can charge people to read my blog, although I seriously doubt it!  I think companies that sell metrics and analysis of social media are in a good spot for a good future.  I also think there are many of other ways to better utilize these tools available; and I of course have lots of ideas!  If you are a recruiter out there, or a VC person, or someone thats starting a business contact me.  This is a modern day gold rush!


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