3 Tips For Being Recognized For Your Successes – And Not Let Others Take Credit For Your Work

The business world, or corporate America, can be a tough place to survive in.  Lots of times you will find people, colleagues or even your bosses, who want to take credit for your accomplishments.  The tips below have helped me, I hope they can be of help to you:

1. When you finally get that signed contract that you have been working on the best way to communicate that throughout your organization is via email.  Even if your boss sits right next to you, put your accomplishments in writing and send to your boss, anyone else that was involved, and if possible as high up the ladder you can go.  Don’t make the email like you are bragging, be gracious and thank everyone involved.  But the message will be clear, this was your deal that you closed and you now have the signed contract for.

2. To take the above tip one step further, give a brief summation of the sales cycle in the email.  Describe how you found the client, what steps you took to find out their goals, and how you got them to sign the contract.  Many times in sales organizations VPs will read an email like this and send it out to the entire sales force as inspiration and motivation for everyone else on ‘how to make it happen’.  This is cements the notion that it was your deal and also increases you Q rating amongst everyone in the organization.

3.  When whatever it is that you sold actually runs or appears make sure to email all of the same people to show them that either the ad is live online, on mobile, wherever it might be.  Also, any client input about the sale you made make sure that as well is emailed.

Its good to have a written record of your accomplishments, its good for you to keep them for review time and also perhaps more importantly that you get credit for what you have done!


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