Can Being Unemployed Be An Asset In Finding A Job?

You hear so much about the unemployed, the longterm unemployed and how the longer you are out of the workforce the harder it will be to get back in.  Many employers discriminate against anyone thats unemployed let alone someone thats been unemployed for 99 weeks or longer.  First off, I think that that is disgraceful behavior, bordering on criminal that some employers discriminate like that.  Obviously people don’t choose to be unemployed for any period of time, its not like a paid vacation!

But, what if employers and everyone else has it wrong?  What if being out of the workforce for an extended period of time is a good thing?  What if your time away from the workforce brings you back with a fresh perspective, more energy and better ideas.  Many companies have a group think mentality or their own corporate bubble, where everyone thinks the same and nothing ever changes.  Maybe, being out of this could be a real asset to companies.  Maybe companies are missing out.  Enough with the ‘maybe’s’!  Companies are missing out on talent that is out there and should take advantage of their opportunities.   People who have been unemployed for a while might work harder than the people who have not been out of work.  I firmly believe that unemployment should be seen more like a sabbatical where the people will come back stronger, fresh ideas and more determination.  As I have said before on this blog, I think the time we are living now will be seen as a second Great Depression, there are 25 million people that are unemployed or under employed.  The duration of the unemployment is longer than it was during the Great Depression.  Yes, the economic indicators recently have been better, polls are showing people are more optimistic about the future but that could all change in a flash for any number of reasons.  Gas prices, stocks taking a dive, more trouble overseas.

Anyway my point is that I think being out of the workforce for an extended period of time is an asset and no one is taking advantage of it!


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