Tough Love, Job Hunting, Unemployed

I was just reading a few posts and DMs on my twitter account talking about how job seekers need tough love.  Hearing this flabbergasted me, especially since it was coming from  They have some kind of blog that is for job seekers so they must have to have new content to put out there, but to say unemployed people need tough love?  That is such a ridiculous statement I barely have words for it.  Is sending out thousands of resumes, going on countless interviews, countless networking events not torture enough?  I think there are people who think unemployment is great, you get a check from the government for 93 weeks and you can just coast and live the high life.  What a crock of shit that is.  First off, what the unemployment insurance pays is so paltry that you can barely live off of it.  Knowing its not enough and also not going to last forever is an unsettling thought that provokes tremendous anxiety.  Do people really think that unemployed people are living the high life being unemployed, that its a prolonged vacation?  Maybe they just need some tough love and they will get a job.

Isn’t it common knowledge that people would rather be working than not working?  Does not the average person, company, congressperson not realize that peoples goals are to work.  Work provides more than money; it offers self confidence, sense of purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.  This economy is like nothing we have ever seen, I have said its the Great Depression II and I firmly believe that.  But for someone to say people enjoy unemployment and are taking advantage of it is ridiculous.  I do know there is a small minority of people who do take advantage, I am talking about the people that were gainfully employed their whole lives and now find themselves unable to find work.  Tough Love = Ridiculous.  Monster, I thought u were a leader as I now see you aren’t.

Its not tough love that the unemployed need, its a break.  Its to have the luck of right time right place kind of thing.  To blame the unemployed people on lack of jobs is ludicrous. I believe in complete honesty and openness.  We will get through this crisis but its going to take a while. should be ashamed of themselves for implying in anyway that the unemployed just need a push, tough love; what they are saying is that it is their fault they are unemployed.  This is an outrage and completely irresponsible.


6 thoughts on “Tough Love, Job Hunting, Unemployed

    1. I didn’t include the link because I don’t think its relevant; the posting you had up and its message was the issue. I find it interesting that you have no response to what I wrote. That speaks volumes.

  1. hmmm…I have to say that I disagree with you, Andrew, and agree with Charles on the link and reading the article. I was totally expecting to read about “tough love” techniques based on what you’re written here. But as I began reading the article I was thinking…where is the “tough love” stuff that Andrew was talking about?? Alas, it wasn’t until near the end that he clarifies the “tough love” part and even then, it wasn’t what I was expecting. Based on what you write here, I was expecting him to say that unemployed folks were lazy and didn’t do much in the way of job search and that’s not at ALL what I got from the article…I got him saying the tough love part only in reference to utilizing “tools” available in the recruiting/job seeking realm along with changing their attitudes only regarding recruiters as far as them not being the enemy.

    From my perspective, it appears that just Purdy’s use of the phrase “tough love” set off some buttons in you prompting this reaction…enough so that you didn’t give it a second thought when he posted the link since you were still in reaction mode? I’m trying to see what made you so angry from what he wrote??? Maybe you can take a moment to clarify…{:D

    As far as the article on Monster goes, I think a different title would have served the intent/purpose of the article WAY better. In my humble opinion, the title and content are quite mismatched. A title such as “Techy Secrets for Today’s Job Seekers” or Job Recruiters: Friend or Foe? or “Facing Down the Enemy: Job Recruiter or the Applicant’s Attitude?”

    Of course, this is all just my humble opinion along my quest for world peace…{:D

    1. You make some excellent points Kathleen; just about everything you said was 100% correct. I think my reaction came from hearing from politicians and pundits that the unemployed are lazy and getting a free ride; so most of my anger was probably directed at them more so than the article from monster. Before writing this post I had some back and forth with someone from monster who didn’t clarify anything about the article. Monster is a company on its last legs and is dying to be relevant again; it makes sense that they would have a headline like that just to attract attention and page views to their site. I think its irresponsible of monster, who is supposed to be an industry leader (or once was and is trying to get back) to put any headline like that out to unemployed people; we hear that sentiment enough from everyone else. Also, I didn’t read the article and have no intention to; in my mind there is nothing monster has to say that would be useful or informative. I should have read the article before writing anything, that was completely wrong of me. However I still stick by my statement that monster never should have had an article with that headline; and that headline shows their true intension is not to help job seekers its to say something provocative that brings in more page views which in turn will bring in more advertising dollars. Which, again, to me proves my point that monster has nothing to offer.

      Were they seriously talking about going into an interview with a positive attitude and leave all your anger and hostility at home? Isn’t that common knowledge?

      Thanks for your great response, I really appreciate it!

  2. Yes, it is common knowledge to smile and be on one’s best behavior when going into an interview. I never have really cared for Monster personally. Browsed it a few times back when it was plastered everywhere heavily advertised, but never saw much on it that impressed me to post a resume there or imagine using them for great positions.`

    Which reminds me, I keep meaning to ask if you’ve gone to any of the freelance websites such as or They happen to have several “writing” contracts that you might be interested in. I’ve got a profile on there and I’ve applied for a few contracts, but have only received and completed one. I don’t have much oDesk experience yet, but it’s pretty cool other than it’s hard to compete with $1-$2/hour that they are hiring people for and many are applying and accepting that from China and the Phillipines where the cost of living is incredibly low compared with California and New York. So I just chalk it up to either they want quality or cheap. The statement “you get what you pay for” runs true and is the same here in Cali for massage. Either they want someone like me who can really help get them out of pain and help them move through life with greater ease or they want a cheap massage by one of these Asian massage places with neon lights popping up all over who’s main purpose is to perform “extra” happy ending services–And that’s not just me guessing, I’ve found the proof in some interesting “reviews” of these places online. Sad thing is they often injure people because they aren’t really trained to do massage. I’ve had friends tell me that they were bruised and the whole ordeal was awful because it hurt so much. Worked on a co-worker eight days after her massage at one of the places and she still had inflammation all throughout her low back. Seems like they are going easy on them now that the city has been in financial straits due to loss of income from all the foreclosures and people unable to pay their taxes. Not enough police officers to investigate them.

    Glad you were cool with my comments…I thought you would be as that was my intention. I’m pretty good at reading others emotions…{:D

    1. I am always cool with relevant comments, are yours were right on the nose. So yes keep commenting (on anything but my waistline!), I think you learn more from criticism than praise, not to say you were criticizing my post. I love it when people tell it like it is, like they see it and let the chips fall where they may. To me, if you can’t back up what you are talking about, you shouldn’t be talking about it. I do actually have connections to monster, I used monster to apply online and got my job at the wall st journal; and years later they became one of my biggest clients. But whoever wrote that headline was writing it for click throughs not what the article was about.

      No i haven’t tried those freelance sites. They really pay $1 or $2 per hour? Like I said I do think you get what you pay for; your massages sound like the perfect example. I used to have a great massage guy, I’d see him monthly, he used to walk on my back, grind his knees into my shoulders, he was fantastic. Being unemployed he was one of the luxuries I decided to forgo, btw, are you covered by insurance? That makes all the difference in the world. You should try to be, especially if people only have to make a co payment of like $20 and the insurance pics up the rest. I haven’t looked for another massage therapist and the guy I went to left the place I saw him at so I have no way of getting in touch with him.

      Anyway keep reading and keep commenting, I hope I give some wisdom lol … today’s post was pics of my mothers trip to Barcelona!

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