Hire Friday — The Kindness of Strangers

I have been a regular on twitter for a few months now, my @GinsburgJobs account has over 1,800 follower (that’s very exciting for me!); twitter has its own language and its own abbreviations.  I have always known about #FF which means follow friday; this is when people recommend other people to follow.  I recently found out about  Hire Friday, or #HireFriday #HFChat.  I checked it out today and was really surprised what I found.  First I saw a lot of talk about how to negotiate salaries and some other topics that did not pertain to me, then I noticed a lot of people posting that anyone looking for a job should post their profile because the people chatting want to help people get hired.  I tweeted to someone I didn’t really know and asked her how this works.  She tweeted me back a bit later and told me don’t worry she would highlight my profile and make sure everyone saw it.  Then someone else I know on twitter sent out a tweet to her 2,000 followers about checking me out.  These precise details might not be clear to many who aren’t familiar with tweeting, but these details are not the point of this story.

The kindness of strangers on twitter blows my mind.  The woman who is going to post my profile was doing this completely for my benefit; she works in HR somewhere in Ohio and she wants to get my profile/resume in front of someone here in NY that might hire me.  She sees an unemployed stranger and reaches out to help.  I think the goodness in people is completely underrated.  I have been so impressed by the altruistic nature of so many of the people I have met on twitter.  People who just want to help.  People whose motives are giving other people a leg up, advice, a contact.  It’s really a remarkable thing.  Now not everyone on twitter is like this, that’s for sure, but I have met more than a handful of people who freely give their wisdom, advice and want nothing in return for it.  To me the fact that a guy from Canada knows I am looking for a job so he points me towards these discussions, a woman from Ohio is trying to make me more visible to get hired, another woman, I forget where she is from gave me advice someone gave her:  tweet what you know, not what you need.  It really is a great community of people, especially the hiring part.  A stranger taking an interest in my finding a job?   Where would you find something like that.  I am just so touched by the kindness of the people I have met; the people who have read my blog and written nice personal and thoughtful responses.  In a world where all you hear about is bad news, partisan bickering, hate talk and prejudice its so nice to come to a world where people are nice people are helpful, and they just real want to help.

I think these examples speak volumes of a much bigger picture.  I think people deep down are good natured and all want the same things in life.  I think the people in the Tea Party probably want most of the same things people in the Occupy Movement want; I think we are all more alike than we realize.  For me, I thank all of the people I converse with, the ones that help me, the ones I hopefully am helping.  So lets hope next weeks Hire Friday gives me some leads!


8 thoughts on “Hire Friday — The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Interesting take. Definitely there are people out there who can be truly helpful to others, but there are also those who are a hindrance.

  2. A interesting look at what the kindness of people and what it can do for people.

    Do you think that it will result in something like a job? I have heard of success stories of people getting jobs and what not from twitter and things like that.

    All the best.

      1. Yes, exactly! Maybe you can give me some pointers as to what a ‘profile’ is and if you have to register to participate and anything else. I won’t be around this friday but for the following I plan on being there! Thanks again for your help.

      2. I haven’t registered for anything. However, I participate in the chat. The profile may be for a website or something that I don’t know about. Your best bet is asking the @hfchat person.

        You can read the transcript from Friday if you like. Tom Bolt usually posts a link about it. You just need to keep an eye out for it.

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