The Matrix Awards — Women Who Changed The World

Today I had the privilege  of going the the Matrix Awards; the purpose of this event is to honor exceptional Women in Communications; Women who actually changed the world and its a charity event that gives scholarships to young women to go to school.  This is my third year going, its held every April since 1970 at the Waldorf = Astoria.  Each woman who is nominated for an award chooses someone to introduce them.  Its really a fantastic event in that it celebrates the women of today and also gives the women of tomorrow a chance to excel.  Sitting in the audience it was great fun to see the best of the best in a casual setting and being themselves, unguarded and more natural then you see them on TV.  In past years I have seen Brian Williams, Oprah, Gayle (I was actually on the elevator with her), Betty White, Valerie Harper, Rosie O’Donnell and Tom Hanks. This year was especially fun with Peggy Noonan, Leslie Stahl, Katie Couric, Tyra Banks, Ann Curry, Barbara Walters, Glenn Close, Maria Cuomo Cole, Meredith Vieira and US Senator Kristen GillinBrand.  Like I said, the way it works is 8 women are nominated and then those 8 women choose people to introduce them.  In previous years Gayle King was nominated and choose Oprah to introduce her.  Who better to bring down the house than Oprah!  And all of this is to raise money for a charity for younger women to go to school to learn more about communications.  Its such a nice thing when big ‘stars’ come out to help other people.  I can report today that Katie Couric is very funny, she was introducing Tyra Banks.  Tyra was really an inspiration as to what someone can accomplish; her many careers, leaving modeling ‘on top’ addressing the weight issues of women, she really was an inspiration.  Seeing Barbara Walters there was a thrill, Barbara is a trail blazer for many women and she was funny, humble and had great things to say.  Leslie Stahl, a pro amongst pros, introducing one of my favorites Peggy Noonan was extremely fun to watch.  Leslie Stahl as everyone knows is a trailblazer for women in journalism, she is really an A+, she was there to introduce Peggy Noonan.  Peggy was a speech writer for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and probably has written more iconic phrases than anyone in history (‘Read my Lips’ the Space Shuttle in 1986); and now she has her own weekly column in The Wall Street Journal.  Peggy’s speech was excellent, she is such a professional, hard working modest woman, a true inspiration.  She said something that made Glenn Close laugh and Peggy said ‘I made Glenn Close laugh, those are words I have never said before.’  Glenn Close’s acceptance speech was great, she can’t escape her game changing role in Fatal Attraction and is really a pro’s pro!  Hearing her and all of the other women speak was a lot of fun.  The fact they were all there as a charity event to raise money for the next generation of women in communications is a wonderful and altruistic thing for them to have done.  To me it was very exciting to see these ultra famous women being candid, funny and having a good time. If you want more information or want to donate please go to


2 thoughts on “The Matrix Awards — Women Who Changed The World

  1. Now see, Andrew, THIS blog article was EXCELLENT and just speaks of the writing talent you have! IMHO when the writer evokes emotion from their readers, it’s a gift and there really aren’t a great number of people who can do that. In fact, back at my former career as a secretary, when I would have someone else submit an article for our county newsletter, I often found it boring although that person may be a department director or some other top administrator, but they couldn’t write worth crap. Your topic caught my eye as I’ve never even HEARD of the Matrix Awards. Then as I read through it began to draw me in like I was there…almost! lol Funny, but it seems through your writing I can feel your feelings pretty good being quite empathic here, but you seem to have been totally cool when you were that close to famous people not letting it cause your jaw to drop open or you to become speechless. heheh I kinda sorta met Debby Boone (Pat Boone’s) daughter, we exchanged eye contact and hello’s but I had people waiting for me in a running auto outside, and I just couldn’t quite muster up the courage to ask for her autograph. Had a few chats with a celebrity back when aol had chatrooms galore, but I can’t say that name since I gave my word not to do so ever.

    Now I’m onto the next blog here about Twitter! Keep ’em coming!

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