I Make My Own Rules And It’s Always Worked For Me

Its an interesting thought, what do you do with your blog and twitter accounts when you are out of the country?  At work all voicemails and emails would state I  was away and who to contact in my absence, but what do you do on here.  I am thinking its like everything else, you make your own rules; I like making my own rules and that is exactly what I have done since I started tweeting and blogging.  I heard lots of warnings, don’t say anything political, don’t give too much information out hiring managers might use that against you.  I have read that your tweets should be at least 30 minutes apart; that you should have 2 to 4 every hour; and all sorts of other things.  Again, I made up my own rules and I tweet when I see information that I think my followers might find useful.  I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t over tweet, I hate seeing people do that so I don’t make other people subject to seeing a stream of tweets from me.

Come to think of it, making my own rules is a theme thats run through my life; I have always done it, always followed my instincts.  I can’t remember regretting any decisions I have made.  And just to be clear making up my own rules does not include making up my own laws, I meant more in an interpersonal way.  So, anyway the reason I won’t be around next tuesday thru sunday is because I am going to Manchester England.  I am really looking forward to being in new surroundings, getting out of this brownstone, being totally disconnected from everything online. No thinking about sending out resumes, no visiting that lame LinkedIn site.  I will miss tweeting, I have really gotten to like it.  There is a great community in the twitter-verse of nice people, helpful people and kind people.  I am sure not everyone is like that, but the people I have encountered all have been.

Also, I am an eternal optimist; I feel doing things my way, making my own rules will bring me to the place I need to be; the success and doing something that inspires me!  Anyway, Happy Friday, don’t forget to visit Hire Friday if you are looking for a job or a recruiter.   #HireFriday


One thought on “I Make My Own Rules And It’s Always Worked For Me

  1. Oh my, I feel so fortunate to be clueless! I did not know of all the rules! I will say that one thing I have picked up on is the etiquette of Twitter. I can’t think of many arenas (particularly of the modern variety) where good manners prevail. Quite enjoyable. Have a wonderful time in England. I just met a lovely woman from Manchester this weekend.

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