It Wasn’t A Dream; This Really Happened

First off, why doesn’t anyone get where the title quote came from, and a couple of posts ago I used a variation of it?  So last we last off I was packing to go to Manchester England for a few days; it was the inaugural flight from DC to Manchester, we were included amongst the guests to come for a first class trip; then tours of Manchester, the Lake area, high end restaurants, whole deal.  Living in NYC we had to take a flight to DC (40 mins in the air) to get to DC from here. I spent the day packing, I hate planning ahead for what I will be wearing 5 days from now; what I wanted with me on the plane, what I could check and get when we arrived at Manchester.  By the time the car came at 4:00 I was all packed and ready.  Michael was at work so he took his own car service and we met there.  Turns out when you fly first class you are treated completely differently than everyone else.  I went through a much shorter security line then was lead to the first class lounge.  The lounge had free drinks, snacks, a view of the gate so we’d know when to head out. Michael got there shortly after I did; we had plenty of time since the plane wasn’t leaving until 6:59 pm; then the inaugural flight was leaving DC around 10:30pm.  There was also a party and celebration going on in DC that we were missing because we weren’t due there until 8:00 pm.  This is where everything went downhill.  The flight we were supposed to take never got to NYC; we were not updated about when it was coming, what the delay was, the weather was clear and beautiful both in New York and DC.  All we were told was there was a ‘technical issue’ with the plane and it would be taking off shortly.  We heard no word from our hosts, no calling to update us.  Michael finally tracked down one of our hosts who told us we could go tomorrow on a direct flight from NYC to Manchester.  We got in yet another car service to go home at which point I said I wasn’t going, Michael was going to think about it but he was into going.  To me it was too much time to fly and travel to go Weds pm and leave Manchester Saturday am; especially since I heard the highlight of the trip was seeing the Lake District and we were missing that by coming a day late.  We both decided not to go.

Now all of this might sound like whining from over indulged person of privilege, thats not the case. There are a few interesting things I learned from this. First, how differently people with money are treated than people with out it.  That first class lounge was great; no such amenities for people flying coach. Secondly, how little the people at the airlines really care about whatever issue you have; they are just there to do the bare minimum of a job and nothing more.  Fate also plays a huge hand here; there we were sitting and waiting, if the plane had come in we would be in Manchester now, not in NY.  I think fate, or you could call it luck, play a huge part in our lives so much more than we realize.

So I am back, so stay tuned.  Btw, the quote is from Rosemary’s Baby


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